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Skywatcher Star Adventurer Astro Imaging Mount Photo Bundle

ONLY £299.00   £265.00

Telescope Mounts & Tripods

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The user-friendly Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer provides various combinations to satisfy all you needs for astrophotography and time-lapse photography. It is a high precision, portable and stable celestial tracking platform.

Skywatcher Star Adventurer Astro Imaging Mount

ONLY £195.00

Provides a stable platform for all the standard HEQ5, EQ6 mountings including PRO versions. Complete with wheels, which can be disengaged when mount is in use.

Skywatcher Pillar Tripod Support

ONLY £202.50

The exciting new Sky-Watcher SynScan™ Alt-Azimuth Go-To Mount is a precision engineered instrument that will allow you to easily find and enjoy viewing night sky treasures, such as Planets, Nebulae, Star Clusters, Galaxies and much more.

Skywatcher SynScan AZ GOTO Mount & Tripod

ONLY £229.00   £208.00

The Merlin TableTop GOTO mount is another exciting new development from Sky-Watcher.

Skywatcher Merlin SynScan AZ GOTO Tabletop Mount

ONLY £219.00

The BRESSER Messier beginners series of telescopes. Within this series you find smaller optics mounted stable on the new BRESSER EXOS 1 mount. This combination means more value for money and puts an end to flimsy beginners scopes which discourage most of the beginners due to small, under engineered mounts.

Bresser Messier EXOS 1/EQ-4 Mount & Tripod

ONLY £220.00

Ideal No Fuss, Grab-and-Go Telescope Mount for Easy Visual Astronomy as well as Daytime Terrestrial Observations!!

Skywatcher AZ5 Deluxe AZ Mount & Tripod

ONLY £225.00

Baader has manufactured the smallest astro photography tracking device in the world weighing in at just 350g, perfect for fitting into any camera bag.

Baader Nano Tracker

ONLY £233.00

The very sturdy EQ5 Equatorial Mount provides excellent precision and stability and a host of other features for the serious astronomer.

Skywatcher EQ5 Deluxe Mount & Tripod

  (1)ONLY £259.00   £245.00

German Equatorial mount and tripod as supplied with all Omni XLT Series telescopes

Includes RA and DEC slow motion controls and setting circles

Tripod has adjustable height 1.75" steel leg tripod with center brace/accessory tray

Two counterweights - 7 lbs and 4 lbs

Celestron CG-4 Omni Equatorial Mount & Tripod

ONLY £249.00

When designing the Star Discovery mount, Sky-Watcher engineers kept these words in mind: A simple mount that can really do astronomy, helps beginners to discover the night sky efficiently and that will become a tool that can fulfill your passion.

Skywatcher Star Discovery AZ GOTO Mount & Tripod

ONLY £259.00
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Page 3 of 6:    59 Items