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The Lightwave 66/400 ED refractor delivers very good colour correction. The ED doublet lens system features an ED element made from premium Japanese Ohara glass.

ONLY £369.00

Altair Lightwave 66mm F6 ED-R Refractor With Dual Speed Focuser & Case

NEW 2017 Version with S-FPL-53 ED Lens, Optical Test Report, and rear Camera Angle Adjuster (CAA). The ULTIMATE travel scope, suitable for wide field imaging or visual use, day or night-time.

ONLY £399.00

Altair 60 EDF Doublet Refractor Telescope

Featuring ED optics, the travel-friendly Starwave 70mm F6 ED Doublet refractor can be taken anywhere. The optical tube folds down to just under 30cm length with the dewshield retracted, and weighs about 2kg.

ONLY £399.00

Altair Starwave 70 ED F6 Travel Refractor Telescope With Dual Speed Crayford

Featuring Genuine ED optics, the Starwave ASCENT 80mm F7 ED Doublet refractor has an 80mm objective lens capable of both visual observation and wide-field imaging in one telescope.

ONLY £399.00  -  £574.00

Altair Starwave Ascent 80ED F7 Refractor OTA

Please note this is a customer returned telescope, but as new. There are a few marks on the dovetail bar where it has been mounted, but apart from that, it's in excellent condition.

ONLY £519.00

Altair Ascent 102ED F11 Doublet Refractor OTA Customer Return

This package includes the Starwave 70ED refractor with Diagonal, RDF Finder, 17mm quality eyepiece, plus the Starwave Mini-AZ Mount.

ONLY £529.00

Altair Starwave 70ED Refractor & Mini AZ Mount Combo Package

The ASCENT 102mm F7 ED Doublet refractor has all the features you need for enjoyable visual observing and astro-imaging. The ASCENT will deliver both planetary and lunar views, or wide field views of deep sky objects.

ONLY £549.00  -  £670.00

Altair Ascent 102ED F7 Doublet Refractor OTA

The ASCENT 102mm F11 ED Doublet refractor is optimised for visual observation and imaging of solar system objects. An evolution of the well respected "Red Tube Classic" Starwave 102 Achromat

ONLY £599.00  -  £720.00

Altair Ascent 102ED F11 Doublet Refractor OTA

The Starwave 70 EDT-R refractor has a triplet ED lens system with premium Japanese Ohara SFPL-53 ED glass element. Super-high transmission coating (STM Coating) is used on all air-to-glass surfaces for high contrast.

ONLY £599.00  -  £703.50

Altair Starwave 70 ED Triplet APO Travel Refractor

The Starwave 80ED-R is a more compact and refined version of the orginal Starwave 80ED. It has improved optics in the form of an S-FPL53 based doublet objective lens providing superior colour correction, and a lighter more compact tube with a "Rack and Pinion" geared focuser.

ONLY £599.00

Altair Starwave 80ED-R V2 Doublet Refractor OTA

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Page 1 of 2:    20 Items