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Baader T-2 Systems & Auxiliary Parts

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T-2 counter ring with T-2 internal thread
Outside diameter 55mm
Height 3.75mm

ONLY £16.00

Baader T-2 Locking Ring

This very handy accessory converts M48 female into T-2 female thread, it has a male M48 thread (which is also the same thread as Baaders 2" filters) and has a female T-2 thread, this means that it can be screwed onto a T-2 accessory and then offer an M48 thread instead.

ONLY £18.00

Baader Expanding Ring M48 Male to T2 Female

This extremely popular 1.25" to T-2 Nosepiece allows you to mount your T-2 accessories or Digital Camera into standard 1.25" focusers or accessories, primarily for prime focus photography.

ONLY £19.00

Baader Nosepiece 1.25'' - T2

To fit all Astro T-2 System Parts onto Takahashi M43 thread
Takahashi adapter M43 external thread on T-2 external thread

ONLY £19.00

Baader TAK Adaptor M43x0.75 / T-2

Stop ring 1" for sliding onto 1" eyepieces barrel
Precise adjustment ring with 1" inner diameter and two screws

ONLY £20.00

Baader FR-4 Focusing Ring Collar 1.25''

Eyepiece 1 "/ T-2 internal thread priced version with M 4 screw (alternatively: T-2 component # 08A)
1 x M4 clamp screw
Telescope side with T-2 internal thread

ONLY £21.00

Baader 1.25'' / T-2 Eyepiece Holder

Adapter Ring 2" outer thread to T-2 internal thread
Advances T-2 male on 2" male
Only 1mm optical length!

ONLY £21.00

Baader Expanding Ring 2'' Female to T-2 Male

Eyepiece barrel reducing 1 "on 24.5mm
With filter thread M28.5 for 1 "eyepiece
For clamping of eyepieces with 24.5mm diameter at 1 "eyepiece holder.

ONLY £23.00

Baader 1.25'' - 0.965'' Reducer With Filter Thread

M42x1 internal thread with T-2 external thread
Transition adaptor for all Russian threaded M42x1 to the T-2 M42x0.75 thread. Allows 1" eyepiece tubes, cameras and the OPFA projection system to be connectable to Russian equipment.

ONLY £23.00

Baader M42x1 / T-2 Camera Adaptor To Fit Most Russian Telescopes

Changes a T-2 female into a T-2 male thread
Optical path length is zero.
Free of reflections

ONLY £23.00

Baader T-2 Inverter Ring

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Page 2 of 6:    57 Items