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Baader T-2 Systems & Auxiliary Parts

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3.3" thread for C11 and C14
For connecting the 2" eyepiece clamp no. 2408140 (T-2 component #17) to C11 and C14 telescopes
A clear 50mm aperture

ONLY £62.00

Baader 3'' Celestron Nut For C11/C14

Containing: T-2/32 Diagonal with focusing 1¼" eyepiece clamp (#2458125) and 1¼" nose piece (#2458105). Connection objective side: T-2 internal thread 1¼ "barrel. Connection eyepiece: T-2 external thread and focusable 1¼ "eyepiece.

ONLY £100.00

Baader Prism Diagonal T-2 90° With Focusing Eyepiece Holder and 1.25'' Nosepiece

The new T-2 Maxbright Mirror Diagonal uses the proprietary Baader Maxbright all-dielectric mirror coatings, which delivers outstanding mirror flatness.

ONLY £170.00

Baader T-2 Maxbright Mirror Diagonal Sital-Ceramic Mirror

The telescope side of all our T-2 diagonals accepts an entire armada of Baader-adapters, be it for 1 1/4" or 2"focusers or for a Celestron OTA 2" thread or an original M44 Zeiss thread, there are also adapters for Vixen OTA's or russian MAK's.

ONLY £187.00

Baader T-2 Star Diagonal Prism

-2 BBHS® Mirror Diagonal, solid metal body only, with male/female T-2 thread. (BBHS® = broadband hardsilver coating with dielectric protective overcoating)

ONLY £205.00

Baader T2 BBHS Mirror Diagonal

A common limitation that plagues owners of most popular Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes is the narrow field size and high magnifications produced by their slow optical system (typically, f/10).

ONLY £212.00

Baader Alan Gee Telecompressor Mark II

T-2/90° Baader Roof-Prism. Manufactured by Zeiss standard, both sides with T-2 system threads. This Prism is multicoated and built in a solid metal body. T-2-thread on both sides, therefore extremely short and adaptable on every telescope system.

ONLY £230.00

Baader T-2 90° Amici Prism BBHS Coated Diagonal

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Page 6 of 6:    57 Items