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Telrad Dew Shield

ONLY £12.99  -  £19.99

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Built tough, an impact-resistant, lightweight aluminum casing resists rust and corrosion. The G19 also features an unbreakable LED and rubberized O-ring for reliable water resistance and durability.

Coast G19 LED Pen Torch 54 lumens

ONLY £7.99

This removable storage medium allows data to be written and erased as often as is required
- Allows fast and direct data transfer between a memory card and a UDMA capable terminal device
- Suitable for terminal devices with a CompactFlash type I and II slot
- Especially recommendable for high-quality digital cameras
- Supports UDMA 6 mode (for faster data transfer)
- With a label area for short notes

Hama Compact Flash Memory Cards

ONLY £7.99  -  £12.99

The Hoodman SHSK-XL is an ideal solution for protecting the LCD screen of your digital camera from scratches and damage. To be used for digital cameras with a 3.5 - 3.75 inch display.

Hoodman Super Hoodskins  XL, fits 3.5'' LCD Screens

ONLY £7.99

Hoodman Super Hoodskins is a LCD impact protection for all Point & Shoot cameras. With positive ion mounting (no adhesive). It fits 3" LCD screens.

Hoodman Super Hoodskins for 3.0'' LCD Screens, 2 Pack

ONLY £7.99

Genuine Panasonic battery in original and sealed packaging.

7.4 V
750 mAh
Dark Grey

Panasonic Lumix dmc-fz30 Battery

ONLY £7.99

Replacement or spare E27 205W modelling lamp for use with Bowens monolights on 230V power supplies.

Bowens Halsostar 205W 230V Modelling Bulb Gemini ES Fit

ONLY £8.99

This Telrad baseplate is identical to the one supplied with the Telrad Finder and can be mounted the same way.

Saves the expense of buying more than one finder if you own two or more telescopes. It also enables you to remove then remount the Telrad finder in a different position.

Simple quick release dovetail system with hand tightening thumbscrews.

Telrad Mounting Base

ONLY £8.99

This Kood 6x Star Burst filter will create a 6 pointed star pattern which radiates outward from bright highlights or objects in the frame.

Star filters are ideal for creating a more glittering, glamorous appearance to the picture.

Kood Cross 6X Filters - Various Sizes Available

ONLY £9.49  -  £12.99

For placing flash units, lamps or microphones close to the camera. The brackets will follow the movements of your camera, ideal for simultaneous direct and indirect flash.

Cullmann CU 956 Rail for Mounting Flash Accessories to 2000 & 3000 Series

ONLY £9.99

This Kood Skylight 1B filter is Japanese made from high quality polished optical glass. Due to their light pink colour, Skylight (1B) filters reduce the bluish cast of daylight and produce a pleasing, warmer picture tone. They can be left on your lens at all times and used as lens protectors.

Kood 1B Skylight Filters - Various Sizes Available

ONLY £9.99  -  £32.99
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