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Rother Valley Optics Power Cables

ONLY £10.99  -  £19.99

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A very useful adaptor by Rother Valley Optics that connects to your finderscope base on your telescope. Then you can use your smartphone with a variety of apps to aid your astronomy.

RVO Smartphone Holder With Synta Finder Base

ONLY £19.99

This useful adaptor primarily acts as a T thread extension tube to achieve focus when using SLR cameras on certain telescopes.

RVO T Thread Extension With 1.25'' Eyepiece Holder

ONLY £19.99

We are pleased to announce our new range of heater bands. Very well made bands with an integreated controller for temperature adjustment. These will connect directly into a 12v power supply with a 2.1mm plug, which is standard on most Skywatcher and Celestron power tanks.

RVO Heater Bands With Integrated Controller

ONLY £21.99  -  £42.99

This collimation tool is regarded as the most accurate collimating tool on the market. The cheshire features a cross hair at the bottom, and a small reflective surface at the top.

RVO Cheshire Collimating Eyepiece

ONLY £23.99

High quality made counterweight carrying bag. Makes transporting heavy counterweights much easier. This bag takes 2 x 5kg counterweights with a seperator so the weights don't damage each other in transit.

Rother Valley Optics Counterweight Carrying Bag

ONLY £24.99

These pads help reduce vibration producing a steadier image through your telescope. They come as a set of 3, that sit underneath your tripod legs. They reduce the effect of wind and any other forms of movement on your scope.

RVO Vibration Pad Set 3pk

ONLY £24.99

This is a universal synta universal finderscope base for SCT telescopes. This has a slot so it will suit most SCT telescopes. Ideal for attaching synta style finderscopes or laser pointers to your SCT scope.

RVO SCT Universal Finder Base

ONLY £26.99

This well made adaptor drops into any 2" opening, giving you 1.25" plus the added benefit of a strong twist lock clamp. Simply drop your eyepiece in, twist the blue part, and you have a solid connection.

RVO 2'' - 1.25'' Twist Lock Adaptor

ONLY £29.99

This adaptor screws onto male T thread and provides you with a 1.25" opening with a secure twist lock mechanism. This holds far better than the standard thumb screws and compression ring that is found on cheaper adaptors.

RVO T Thread - 1.25'' Twist Lock Adaptor

ONLY £29.99

These brand new scope coats from Rother Valley Optics are the ideal for temporary telescope protection. They are all weather heavy duty woven polyester for maximum durability and protection.

Rother Valley Optics Scope Coat

ONLY £32.99
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Page 2 of 3:    27 Items