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Antares Mak - SCT Thread Adaptor

ONLY £24.99

Baader M43 - T2 Adaptor Ring

ONLY £13.00

QHY Polemaster Mount Adaptors

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By using this handy adaptor, you can change the threads on the back of the Skywatcher flip mirror system to a 1.25" nosepiece so you can use 1.25" cameras and accessories.

OVL 1.25'' Nosepiece Adaptor For Flip Mirror

ONLY £15.99

Converts a T-2 external thread in a T-2 internal thread
Effective in combination with T-2 component # 26 as T-2 extension tube with 10mm optical path length

Baader T-2 Conversion Ring 10mm Long

ONLY £16.00

L-bracket for mounting DSLR's, Video Cameras, Spotting Scopes etc via a standard 1/4-20 screw attachment to mountings such as Sky-Watcher's AZ4, AZ-Go-To and Star Discovery Mounts. 45mm Sky-Watcher/Vixen type dovetail fitting.

Skywatcher L Bracket For AZ4 Mounts

ONLY £16.99

This very handy accessory converts M48 female into T-2 female thread, it has a male M48 thread (which is also the same thread as Baaders 2" filters) and has a female T-2 thread, this means that it can be screwed onto a T-2 accessory and then offer an M48 thread instead.

Baader Expanding Ring M48 Male to T2 Female

ONLY £18.00

This extremely popular 1.25" to T-2 Nosepiece allows you to mount your T-2 accessories or Digital Camera into standard 1.25" focusers or accessories, primarily for prime focus photography.

Baader Nosepiece 1.25'' - T2

ONLY £19.00

To fit all Astro T-2 System Parts onto Takahashi M43 thread
Takahashi adapter M43 external thread on T-2 external thread

Baader TAK Adaptor M43x0.75 / T-2

ONLY £19.00

This accessory is used to adapt the threads on all Schmidt-Cassegrain models for use with 1.25" accessory items. This includes diagonals, straight through viewing with eyepieces, etc.

Celestron Visual Back 1.25''

ONLY £19.00

The Meade back cell adapter converts the rear photo port of all Meade ETX Maksutovs from a proprietary Meade thread to a standard Meade LX thread (SCT rear cell).

Meade ETX - SCT Thread Adaptor

ONLY £19.00

Unscrew the 1 1/4" eyepiece holder and replace with this adaptor to give male T thread fitting which allows direct fitting of cameras and other standard accessories to the ouput side of the Quark.

Rowan Quark T Thread Adaptor

ONLY £19.95

High quality low profile 2" T Adaptor. Used in conjunction with a T mount for your SLR camera in any 2" opening. Used for maximum light transmission when imaging with SLR cameras. Also features a 2" filter thread.

Rother Valley Optics Low Profile 2'' T Adaptor

ONLY £19.99
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Page 2 of 12:    111 Items