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Antares Mak - SCT Thread Adaptor

ONLY £24.99

Baader M43 - T2 Adaptor Ring

ONLY £13.00

QHY Polemaster Mount Adaptors

ONLY £32.00  -  £39.00


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Add one of Celestron’s planetary cameras to your Ultima Duo eyepiece, including Skyris, NexImage Burst, and NexImage 5 imagers.

Celestron T2 to C Adaptor For Ultima Duo

ONLY £25.00

Converts NexStar4 straight male thread into 2" SCT male thread
ETX Extension ring
Incl. 1¼ "filter holder

Baader 2'' NX4/C90 Expanding Ring to SCT

ONLY £26.00

This ingenious nosepiece/adapter has a standard SCT male thread on one side, to connect to a Baader diagonal body (or any other SCT female threaded item) and then the telescope side is a 2" nosepiece or adapter 32mm long

Baader 2'' SCT Male Nosepiece With Filter Thread

ONLY £26.00

This handy adaptor allows you to use a finderscope with the Geoptik 30A189 SLR CCD Adaptor. If you want to use it standalone, you can add this adaptor to easily find the object first, then shoot it.

Geoptik Finderscope Adaptor For SLR CCD Adaptors

ONLY £26.99

2" external thread to 1 ¼" internal thread reducter / eyepiece adaptor
Strong grip with 2 screws and bronze clamp ideal for the heaviest eyepieces or cameras
Additional T-2 thread on the 1 ¼" side allows connection of camera T-rings or T-2 adapter rings for the eyepiece.

Baader 2'' - 1.25'' Reducer T-2 Thread At Both Sides

ONLY £27.00

These very handy RVO adaptors convert popular T thread so you can use a 1.25" eyepiece or camera. They are extensions as well so if you just need a simple T thread extension, this will do the job as well.

RVO T Thread - 1.25'' Adaptors

ONLY £27.95  -  £29.95

Adaptor ring with 2" external thread and T-2 external thread
Internal 2" (M48) filter thread

Baader 2'' Male / T-2 Male Adaptor

ONLY £28.00

Eyepiece barrel 1¼ "with 36.4mm outer thread
Telescope side with 36,4mm outer thread
Focus side 1¼" internal diameter
To connect 1¼" eyepieces to Vixen & Takahashi

Baader 1.25'' Eyepiece Holder Fits Vixen Thread 36.4mm

ONLY £29.00

This handy adaptor changes the 2" opening on a Baader Steeltrack focuser to accept M68 accessories such as cameras etc.

Baader 2'' BDS Steeltrack M68 Adaptor

ONLY £29.00

This very handy T-2 accessory has two main purposes.
Firstly it is a variable length T-thread adapter.
Secondly it can be used as a T-threaded, 1.25" eyepiece holder.

Baader Locking / Sliding T-2 Focuser

ONLY £29.00
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Page 5 of 12:    111 Items