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Antares Mak - SCT Thread Adaptor

ONLY £24.99

Baader M43 - T2 Adaptor Ring

ONLY £13.00

QHY Polemaster Mount Adaptors

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Meade Eyepiece Holder for LX200 & LX90 Telescopes. Allows any 1.25" accessory to attach via the rear cell thread. This also enables 1.25" accessories to connect to Meade focal reducers.

Meade Visual Back 1.25''

ONLY £40.00

This adaptor has a female SCT 2"x24TPI thread on one side and a standard male T / T2 thread on the other side, it can be used on its own to adapt your standard SCT scope to receive T-2 accessories.

Baader SCT T Adaptor Ultra Short 7mm Optical Length

ONLY £41.00

This adaptor set will allow you to use the Baader Diamond Steeltrack RT focuser with most Celestron and Refractor focusers.

Baader Steeltrack RT Adaptor Set For Celestron & Skywatcher Refractors

ONLY £42.00

A widefield camera adapter for all Schmidt-Cassegrain Celestron/Meade telescope tubes. Allows T-2 accessories to be used with an SCT thread.
Telescope side UNC 2" (50.8mm) nut with internal thread. Focus side T-2 external thread. Optical path length 16mm.

Baader T Adaptor For SCT Telescope Baader Widefield Version

ONLY £42.00

High quality William Optics 2" - 1.25" Rotolock adaptor. Secure your 1.25" accessories securely with these amazing adaptors. Made to the highest quality and finish. AVailable in a variety of colours.

William Optics 2'' - 1.25'' Rotolock Adaptor

ONLY £45.00

If you have a William Optics refractor 2" diagonal (or some clones), you can now purchase this simple adapter to turn it into and SCT diagonal, which you can use on SCT

William Optics SCT Adaptor For 2'' Diagonals

ONLY £45.00

Eyepiece deLuxe 2" (T-2 component # 17) with filter holder (M48), 2" and M58 thread for connection to all SC-Telescopes
For permanent attachment of 2" filters at the end of the tube of SC telescopes

Baader SC Deluxe Visual Back With 2'' Filter Holder

ONLY £47.00

2 Inch Diascope Bajonett eyepiece adaptor - to fit all Carl Zeiss made Diascope eyepieces onto 2 Inch telescope focusers, use 1.25mm to T-2 nosepiece #2458105

Baader 2'' Diascope Bayonet Eyepiece Adaptor For Zeiss Eyepieces

ONLY £54.00

High quality made 2" - 1.25" clicklock reducer. Perfect to use with the Steeltrack S58 clicklock 2" adpator. For use with the heavier accessories.

Baader 2'' to 1.25'' Clicklock Reducer

ONLY £54.00

Baader Ultrashort 2" eyepiece clamp (12 mm backfocus) to mount onto a M68 thread.
Both sides of the clamp are equipped w. M68 male threads.

Baader M68 2'' Ultrashort Clamp

ONLY £54.00
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Page 8 of 12:    111 Items