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Available in either 1.25" or 2" sizes the mirrors inside these diagonals have undergone a special high-reflectivity multi-coating process, allowing them to reflect 99% of the precious gathered starlight, providing exceptional brightness and contrast. (Standard diagonals typically reflect 90-95% of light).

Skywatcher Deluxe Dielectric Mirror Diagonals

ONLY £71.00  -  £99.50

For use on refractors and SCT telescopes to provide a correctly oriented image. An additional adaptor is required to fit SCT telescopes as this adaptor is a 2" push fit.

Antares 45 Erecting Prism 2'' Push Fit

ONLY £74.99

Baader's T-2, 90 degree prism gives extremely bright and very high contrast images to the viewer through very high transmission rates. With the release of this product Baader have maintained their exceptional standards of optical manufacturing.

Baader Prism Diagonal T-2 / 90 Degree 32mm

ONLY £77.00

The Altair Quartz Dielectric Diagonal is precision CNC machined with an extremely reflective, accurate and smooth mirror surface for maximum image contrast.

Altair 2'' Dielectric Diagonal 99% Quartz Push Fit

ONLY £79.99

William Optics new 45 Deg. EP will work with any 1.25" eyepieces and scopes with 1.25" eyepiece holders. It will turn upside down images right side-up and give correct left-to-right image.

William Optics 45 Erecting Prism 1.25''

ONLY £84.00

This high precision CNC Engineered metalwork, looks as good as it performs. Available as either a 2" push fit for refractor telescopes or a low profile SCT fitting.

Antares 2'' 99% Dielectric Mirror Diagonals

ONLY £84.99

The Takahashi muli-coated 90 degree diagonal is the perfrect complement to Takahashi eyepieces. This high quality diagonal features the Takahashi compression ring that firmly secures the eyepiece without marring the finish.

Takahashi 90 Multi Coated Prism Diagonal 1.25''

ONLY £89.00

Introducing New model William Optics Dura-Bright diagonal - a dramatic step forward in the evolution of mirror diagonals!

William Optics Dura Bright 1.25'' Dielectric Diagonal

ONLY £92.00

This high precision CNC Engineered metalwork, looks as good as it performs. Available as a 2" push fit model or low profile SCT model. Complete with 2" twist lock for centralization of eyepieces and collimators.

Antares 2'' 99% Dielectric Twist Lock Mirror Diagonals

ONLY £94.99

High quality 2" dielectric coated mirror diagonal. Features a high quality 1/10th Lambda mirror for ultra reflectivity. All housed in a well made body. Comes complete with a 2" - 1.25" adaptor for use with most eyepieces.

RVO 2'' Dielectric 1/10th Lambda Mirror Diagonal Push Fit

ONLY £94.99
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Page 3 of 6:    56 Items