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Observing Aids

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Geoptik, in cooperation with the firm "Amadori Design" presents NADIRA, the new multi-functional chair. The ideal companion in astronomical observations for comfort.

ONLY £94.99

Geoptik Nadira Astronomy Observing Chair

This amazing Geoptik Sky Quality Meter measures the night sky brightness in magnitudes per square arcsecond making it a very accurate and useful tool for any astronomer.

ONLY £99.99

Geoptik Standard Sky Quality Meter

High quality made adjustable levelling feet by Geoptik makes levelling your heavy duty tripod a piece of cake. 3pk of well machined, anodized feet.

  (1)ONLY £120.00

Geoptik Adjustable Levelling Feet 3pk

Introducing Mount Hub Pro V4.
We have retained all the features our customers have come to expect from the Mount Hub Pro and introduced plenty of useful new features too. All new aluminium housing is now far more robust and compact 6 port integrated USB2.0 hub. 4 PC Controllable power outputs.

ONLY £479.00

HitecAstro Mount Hub Pro v4

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Page 3 of 3:    24 Items