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Explore Scientific 82 Eyepieces

ONLY £124.00  -  £285.00

Meade Series 4000 Super Plossl Eyepieces

ONLY £29.00  -  £75.00

Explore Scientific 68 Argon Purged Eyepieces

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Reticle eyepieces are ideal for aligning goto telescopes on alignment stars in addition to being useful for guiding accurately during long exposure astro imaging. The CrossAaim reticle has an adjustable brightness red illuminator in order tp preserve your dark adapted night vision and has fully coated optics for maximum light transmission.

Celestron CrossAim 12.5mm Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece 1.25''

ONLY £58.00

This 1.25 eyepiece is the same one included as standard on the Altair Astro 60mm and 80mm finder-scopes.

Altair 23mm Illuminated Reticle Eyepiece 1.25''

ONLY £59.99

High quality 8 - 24mm zoom eyepiece in 1.25" format. This eyepiece allows you to change focal lengths without swapping and changing eyepieces. The 1.25" barrel is filter threaded to accept standard 1.25" filters.

Skywatcher 8 - 24mm Zoom Eyepiece 1.25''

ONLY £62.00

6 element optics that offer an impressive 60 field

The newly enhanced X-Cel LX eyepiece series is what you've been waiting for in a high quality eyepiece for planetary viewing. With a brand new sleek and robust design and a twist-up eye guard, these eyepieces are especially designed for comfort and ease of use. They also have a wide field of view of 60 and 6-element fully multi-coated optics for magnificent wide field performance. X-Cel LX eyepieces are parfocal and require little to no focusing when changing from low to high power.

Celestron X-Cel LX Eyepieces 1.25''

ONLY £99.00   £69.00

These stylish new soft rubber-clad, 70 super wide angle eyepieces are each constructed from 8 lens elements and are fully multi-coated throughout. A cleverly designed dual-fit barrel enables them to be used in both 1.25 and 2 focusers

Skywatcher SWA-70 1.25/2'' Dual Fit 70 Super Wide Angle Eyepieces

ONLY £69.99

The Swan eyepieces are super wide angle designs with 72 apparent field of view. They use simple but sophisticated five-lens optical systems for generally higher contrast

William Optics 15mm SWAN Super Wide Angle 72 1.25'' Eyepiece

ONLY £74.00

SWAN: the perfect compromise between quality, cost, eye-relief and edge sharpness. All with a SWA super-wide angle 72 deg. F.O.V. ! The ultimate 1.25 SWA eyepiece.

William Optics 20mm SWAN Super Wide Angle 72 1.25'' Eyepiece

ONLY £74.00

SWAN: A premium eyepiece for your most demanding observations. Unforgettable views of star clusters and the moon at 72 deg. F.O.V.

William Optics 9mm SWAN Super Wide Angle 72 1.25'' Eyepiece

ONLY £74.00

A high-precision eyepiece for a wide range of astronomical measurements, the Meade MA12mm Astrometric Eyepiece is an important tool for the advanced amateur.

Meade 12mm Astrometric Wireless Eyepiece 1.25''

ONLY £75.00

This is a small accessory pack put together by us to compiment first time GOTO telescopes. The kit comes with a 12v mains power supply, a 40mm wide angle super plossl eyepiece, an Antares ND25 moon filter and a Philip's Planisphere to find objects and learn about the sky

Rother Valley Optics GOTO Starter Accessory Pack

ONLY £79.00
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Page 3 of 9:    81 Items