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Celestron Omni Plossl Eyepieces 1.25''

ONLY £25.00  -  £39.00

Baader Hyperion 1.25''/2'' Modular Eyepiece

ONLY £99.00

Meade Series 4000 Super Plossl Eyepieces

ONLY £26.50  -  £69.95

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This is a small accessory pack put together by us to compiment first time GOTO telescopes. The kit comes with a 12v mains power supply, a 40mm wide angle super plossl eyepiece, an Antares ND25 moon filter and a Philip's Planisphere to find objects and learn about the sky

Rother Valley Optics GOTO Starter Accessory Pack

ONLY £79.00

The new Sky Panorama 7-element ultra wide angle eyepieces offer incredible performance and features in their class. The wide 82° field of view provides an amazing immersive viewing experience over a very flat, well corrected and virtually distortion-free field

Skywatcher Sky Panorama UWA Eyepieces

ONLY £79.00  -  £249.00

William Optics is proud to introduce the SPL (Super Planetary Long eye-relief) eyepieces. This new Planetary Eyepiece series is designed for users with the need for high-power, sharp and contrast views for planetary observations.

William Optics 12.5mm SPL Super Planetary Long Eye Relief Eyepiece 1.25''

ONLY £79.00

If a observing session is a relaxing and joyful experience is heavily dependend on the choice of eyepieces. People wearing glasses very often have the problem to see the entire field of view when they are using eyepieces with large apparent fields.

Explore Scientific 62° LER Eyepieces

ONLY £80.00  -  £160.00

The 2” PanaView™ 5-element eyepieces, with their impressive high-contrast, panoramic views, are sure to be extremely popular for enthusiasts of low power, deep-sky observing.

OVL PanaView 2'' Eyepieces

  (1)ONLY £74.00  -  £84.00

High Quality Zoom Eyepiece

This super premium zoom eyepiece has a focal length of 8mm to 24mm. It is the finest zoom eyepiece for low to medium power observing. It’s an excellent zoom eyepiece that performs superbly, with fully multicoated surfaces. It offers an apparent field of 40° at 24mm and 60° at 8mm. Eye relief ranges from 15mm to 19mm.

Celestron 8 - 24mm Zoom Eyepiece 1.25''

ONLY £85.00

An eyepiece that is absent of distortion is said to be orthoscopic. The KITAKARU RPL is a modern interpretation of the traditional orthoscopic, producing orthoscopic images and a wider field of view. They are an evolution of the Lavendura series by one of Japan's most respected optical designers and lifetime observer.

Altair Astro 25mm Kitakaru RPL Ortho Eyepiece 1.25''

ONLY £89.50

The CEMAX (Contrast Enhanced) series eyepieces are specially designed and coated for optimising Há viewing. " In the construction of Solar filters and associated instrumentation, Coronado takes enormous care to optimise contrast by minimising the number of components and designing them so that they do not result in creating residual reflections and spurious light near the image.

Coronado Cemax Solar Eyepieces / Barlow Lens 1.25''

ONLY £85.00  -  £295.00

These premium Plossls offer the observer the ultimate in contrast. Superior lens polishing with multi-coating on all internal air-glass surfaces, these eyepieces provide orthoscopic-type definition with the added luxury of a 52 degree apparent field.

Antares UPL Elite Plossl Eyepieces 1.25''

ONLY £94.99

The latest advancement in the Meade Series 5000 eyepiece series offers a large 60° apparent field of view and a flat field of view which is tack sharp right to the edge. This design provides more than 17mm of eye relief for terrific viewing comfort

Meade Series 5000 HD-60 LE Eyepieces 1.25''

ONLY £96.95  -  £475.00
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