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Skywatcher ND Moon Filter 1.25''

ONLY £9.99

Astronomik UHC Deep Sky Filters

ONLY £79.00  -  £159.00

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A small but very useful adaptor. If you have any Astronomik clip filter, this handy adaptor allows you to use these on any 2" eyepiece using the filter thread on the bottom.

Astronomik 2'' M48 To EOS Clip Filter Adaptor

ONLY £29.99

Infrared-blocking filter for digital photography.
The filter should be used as a standard at all imaging applications with sensors having a low sensitivity in the UV, e.g. Webcam, DSI and LPI from Meade or most video systems.

Astronomik IR Block Filter 1.25''

ONLY £32.00

Ideal addition to the Astronomik ProPlanet IR 742 for imaging the moon and planets, with telescopes larger then 10" (250mm) when the seeing is poor. This filter is an ideal complement to the ProPlanet IR 742 for use with converted DSLR cameras, CCD cameras and Webcams.

Astronomik ProPlanet IR 807 Filters

ONLY £32.00  -  £82.00

High quality made 2" variable polarising filter. Ideal for lunar and planetary viewing. Comes as a 2 part system so you can either screw the whole filter onto an eyepiece, or screw 1 part on the eyepiece and the other on a diagonal.

Antares 2'' Variable Polarising Filter

ONLY £34.99

Enhances contrast during planetary observation.
Also extremely Useful for solar work in conjunction with Baader Herschel Wedge Prism (#2956500V or #2956500P)

Baader 1.25'' Single Polarising Filter

ONLY £35.00

This filter blocks night glow and airglow, sodium and mercury emissions (but not UV or IV). This versatile broadband filter is suitable for all objects

OVL Clear Sky Filter 1.25''

ONLY £37.99

Optical glass color filters increase image contrast and resolution on the Moon and planets and reduce glare from the full or near-full Moon. The Meade filter set includes red, yellow, blue, and neutral-density filters to adapt your telescope to most viewing conditions.

Meade Lunar Planetary Filter Set 1.25''

ONLY £38.00

Colored filters can be used to bring out details on a planet’s surface or its cloud structure. All of the planetary filters included in the kit can be used on any 1.25” eyepiece with the proper filter threads, so they are very versatile.

Celestron Eyepiece Filterset 1.25'' With Case

ONLY £38.95

Ideal filters for the reception of the moon and planets, notably Mars, with telescopes from 6" (150mm) aperture. The ProPlanet IR 742 only allows infrared light with wavelengths of more than 742 nm to pass.

Astronomik ProPlanet IR 742 Filters

ONLY £39.00  -  £84.00

The Astronomik UV-IR Blocker lets the full range of sensitivity of the human eye (according to DIN 5031) pass, and blocks all other parts of the spectrum in the UV and IR. The Astronomik UV-IR Blocker is the ideal choice as a luminance filter for any kind of digital photography.

Astronomik L UV/IR Blocking Filters

ONLY £39.50  -  £76.00
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Page 2 of 9:    89 Items