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The best place for a wide range of Astronomical Telescopes, Binoculars, Spotting Scopes & Accessories.

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We stock a huge range of telescopes, binoculars and accessories from leading manufacturers such as Celestron, Skywatcher, Meade, Baader, Telrad, JMI, Seymour Solar, Moonlite, Astronomik and many more!

One of the largest displays of Astronomy equipment in the North. Come and see our large showroom with lots of stock on display. Please use our easy to navigate side menu to browse through our site and keep checking back for new products and specials which can be found below. If you have any queries, please call us or send us an email.

Latest Products

The Flat Field Tele Extender's 4-element optical design minimises field curvature, and allows for excellent colour correction.

Altair Astro x2 Premium Flat Field Barlow Lens 1.25''
ONLY £85.00

The Flat Field Tele Extender's 4-element optical design minimises field curvature, and allows for excellent colour correction.

Altair Astro x2 Premium Flat Field Barlow Lens 2''
ONLY £119.00

High quality low profile 2" T Adaptor. Used in conjunction with a T mount for your SLR camera in any 2" opening. Used for maximum light transmission when imaging with SLR cameras. Also features a 2" filter thread.

Rother Valley Optics Low Profile 2'' T Adaptor
ONLY £19.99

A well made M48 female to T2 male. This adaptor converts any M48 male thread to a T2. If you have M48 on any accessory such as a coma corrector for example, this adaptor will change the thread to a T2 thread so you can use it with your SLR camera or guide camera.

Rother Valley Optics M48 Female to T2 Male Adaptor 7mm Optical Length
ONLY £19.99

This micro focuser is perfect for achieving precise focus with your Skywatcher right angled finderscope. Simply unscrew the eyepiece part at the rear of the finderscope, screw in this adaptor, and you have 1.25" or T2 thread directly on the back.

Rother Valley Optics Precision Micro Focuser For Skywatcher Right Angle Finderscopes
ONLY £49.99

High quality T2 extensions tubes available in various sizes from 3mm to 40mm. Particularly used to achieve focus with SLR and CCD cameras.

Rother Valley Optics T2 Extension Tubes - Various Sizes
ONLY £12.99  -  £13.99

The new Hitecastro FocusMaster is a high quality digital, temperature compensated focus controller for stepper motor based focusers.

Hitec Astro Focus Master For Stepper Motor Focusers
ONLY £120.00

Altair 6x30mm Finderscope Optical tube only

Altair 6x30mm Finderscope OTA
ONLY £29.99

One of the characteristics of the Newtonian telescope design is the location of the eyepiece near the open end of the optical tube. Frequently, stray light travels over the opposite side of the optical tube and prevents optimal viewing. Astrozap's Light Shields block stray light from interfering with dark adaption and concentration, thereby enabling a more enjoyable observing experience. Astrozap Light Shields are proudly made in the USA of ABS plastic for maximum durability, ease of care and appearance.

Astrozap Dobsonian Light Shields
ONLY £33.99  -  £54.99

Made from light weight breathable black fabric.
Elastic bands ensure a good fit. Helps to stops dust getting onto your secondary mirror.

Astrozap Dust Covers for Dobs and RC Telescopes
ONLY £19.99  -  £27.99

Made from lightweight .062 aluminum. Tall design blocks glare from the sun and off the observer's face. Both sides now painted high gloss white.
Holds three 1-1/4 eyepieces, PST lens cap & PST diagonal plug.
Rubber eyepiece holders prevent eyepieces from falling out when viewing the sun at higher altitudes. Will not block the built-in solar finder.

Astrozap PST Caddy
ONLY £49.99

Rother Valley Optics are proud to introduce their Geoptik Nadirus 12" f/5 dobsonian. This is a one of a kind telescope. The dobsonian kit is made to a superb quality and finish by Geoptik in Italy. The telescope is then finished by our own specification and detail.

Geoptik Nadirus 12'' Dobsonian Telescope RVO Spec
ONLY £3,120.00

Eyepiece 1 "/ T-2 internal thread priced version with M 4 screw (alternatively: T-2 component # 08A)
1 x M4 clamp screw
Telescope side with T-2 internal thread

Baader 1.25'' / T-2 Eyepiece Holder
ONLY £22.00

Eyepiece barrel 1 "with 36.4mm outer thread
Telescope side with 36,4mm outer thread
Focus side 1" internal diameter
To connect 1" eyepieces to Vixen & Takahashi

Baader 1.25'' Eyepiece Holder Fits Vixen Thread 36.4mm
ONLY £35.00

2" external thread to 1 " internal thread reducter / eyepiece adaptor
Strong grip with 2 screws and bronze clamp ideal for the heaviest eyepieces or cameras
Additional T-2 thread on the 1 " side allows connection of camera T-rings or T-2 adapter rings for the eyepiece.

Baader 2'' - 1.25'' Reducer T-2 Thread At Both Sides
ONLY £33.00