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Rother Valley Optics T Mounts

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Celestron Skymaster 25 x 70 Observation Binoculars

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Rother Valley Optics are proud to introduce their Geoptik Nadirus 12" f/5 dobsonian. This is a one of a kind telescope. The dobsonian kit is made to a superb quality and finish by Geoptik in Italy. The telescope is then finished by our own specification and detail.

Geoptik Nadirus 12'' Dobsonian Telescope RVO Spec

ONLY £3,120.00

Eyepiece 1 "/ T-2 internal thread priced version with M 4 screw (alternatively: T-2 component # 08A)
1 x M4 clamp screw
Telescope side with T-2 internal thread

Baader 1.25'' / T-2 Eyepiece Holder

ONLY £22.00

Eyepiece barrel 1 "with 36.4mm outer thread
Telescope side with 36,4mm outer thread
Focus side 1" internal diameter
To connect 1" eyepieces to Vixen & Takahashi

Baader 1.25'' Eyepiece Holder Fits Vixen Thread 36.4mm

ONLY £35.00

2" external thread to 1 " internal thread reducter / eyepiece adaptor
Strong grip with 2 screws and bronze clamp ideal for the heaviest eyepieces or cameras
Additional T-2 thread on the 1 " side allows connection of camera T-rings or T-2 adapter rings for the eyepiece.

Baader 2'' - 1.25'' Reducer T-2 Thread At Both Sides

ONLY £33.00

Adaptor ring with 2" external thread and T-2 external thread
Internal 2" (M48) filter thread

Baader 2'' Male / T-2 Male Adaptor

ONLY £28.00

Converts NexStar4 straight male thread into 2" SCT male thread
ETX Extension ring
Incl. 1 "filter holder

Baader 2'' NX4/C90 Expanding Ring to SCT

ONLY £26.00

Holds all all Zeiss devices - with 68mm thread (with 19mm optical height)
Keeps all Vixen Optics - with 60mm thread on the focus tube (with 24mm optical height)
Keeps all Astrophysics refractors with 2.7 "thread (with 13mm optical height)

Baader 2'' SCT Four-In-One Adaptor

ONLY £63.00

Converts 2" female into 2" male thread
Internal M48 Filter thread for 2" filter
Can be used to connect Baader Hyperion Mark III Zoom directly to a Baader Star Diagnol gaining adfitional backfocus by swapping ClickLock-clamp for this adaptor.

Baader 2'' SCT Inverter Ring With 2'' Filter Holder

ONLY £20.00

3.3" thread for C11 and C14
For connecting the 2" eyepiece clamp no. 2408140 (T-2 component #17) to C11 and C14 telescopes
A clear 50mm aperture

Baader 3'' Celestron Nut For C11/C14

ONLY £62.00

Filter holder with T-2 thread and M28.5 internal thread.
A continuous external T-2 thread with an internal 1" filter thread.

Baader Double T-Filterholder 1.25''

ONLY £34.00
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Page 1 of 2:    18 Items