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Skywatcher SynScan WiFi Adaptor

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Skywatcher ND Moon Filter 1.25''

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Visibly sharper images, coma free and flat field optics

Introducing the new Celestron Edge HD

Visibly Sharper Images
Coma-free, flat-field optics
Enhanced Mechanical Features
Fastar® Compatible

EdgeHD is an Aplanatic Schmidt telescope designed to produce aberration-free images across a wide visual and photographic field of view. The optical system was designed to reduce more than just off-axis star coma, but also to give an astrograph quality flat focal plane all the way to the edge of the field of view.

Celestron EdgeHD 925 Optical Tube Assembly

ONLY £2,475.00

The new GT102 three-element super APO Anniversary offer superb quality for imaging and visual use at an affordable price. Soft carry bag now included!

William Optics 20th Anniversary GT 102 Triplet APO f/6.9 Refractor OTA

ONLY £2,399.00

High Quality 235mm SCT package on a GoTo fork mount

CPC 925 GPS Unique design, advanced features, GOTO accuracy, and superb optics. You get the picture.

Celestrons 9.25 optical system has enjoyed a loyal following since we first introduced it with our Ultima 9.25 in 1995. Now the 9.25 optical tube is coupled with Celestron's newest computerized telescope family the CPC GPS series.

Celestron CPC 925 XLT Telescope

  (1)ONLY £2,379.00

The CPC Deluxe 800 HD combines Celestron's newly designed fork mount with its new EdgeHD optical system and is the most portable of Celestron's top-of-the-line fork-mounted astronomical telescopes. This telescope is at home as a superb visual instrument or with optional Pro Wedge and CCD cameras, as a serious astro imager's tool. With over 8 inches of aperture and our premium StarBright XLT coatings, the CPC Deluxe 800 HD gives you over 800 times the light gathering power than the unaided eye.

Celestron CPC Deluxe 800 EdgeHD Telescope

ONLY £2,295.00

For crisp wide field observing and imaging, nothing can beat a true triple-element Apochromatic Refractor (APO). Meade Series 6000 ED APO Triplets are among the finest available optically at any price.

Meade Series 6000 115mm ED Triplet Apo f/7 OTA

ONLY £2,295.00

Apochromats are the ultimate choice in small to medium sized telescopes: the combination of compactness, transportability, very high image contrast and sharpness together with the possibility to make excellent astrophotos cannot be bested.

Explore Scientific ED APO 127mm f/7.5 Carbon Fibre FCD-100 With Hex Focus OTA

ONLY £2,287.00

406mm (16") f/4.4 Parabolic GOTO Dobsonian

Combining the power of a large optical tube, the portability of the patented collapsible FlexTube design and SynScan computerised Go-To technology.

Skywatcher Skyliner 400P Flex Tube SynScan GOTO Dobsonian Telescope

ONLY £2,249.00

The LS60THa is a complete Solar Telescope with 60mm aperture and 500mm focal length. An internal etalon with new air-pressure tuning adjustment allows for a <0.7 Angstrom bandwidth. This "Pressure Tuner" system allows a better Etalon adjustment than other systems. The "Pressure Tuner" system adapted the Etalon to varying altitudes and atmospheric pressures for always optimal performance.

Lunt LS60THa/B600CPT H-Alpha Solar Telescope

ONLY £2,197.00

For those looking to step up to an 11-inch optical tube, Advanced VX is a great option. Not only is it one of Celestron’s most affordable 11-inch telescopes, it is also one of the most portable. The Advanced VX mount is strong enough to support this optical tube assembly and a couple of small accessories

Celestron Advanced VX 11'' SCT Telescope

ONLY £2,195.00

The Lunt LS60THa is a complete Solar Telescope with a 60mm aperture.The front singlet lens reduces half the stray light of an achromat, fully eliminating the possibility of on-axis coma, astigmatism, de-centering aberrations and provides a full spherical corrected flat-field.An internal etalon with tune adjustment allows for a <0.75 Angstrom bandpass.

Lunt LS60THa/B1200C 60mm H-alpha Telescope

ONLY £2,189.00
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Page 10 of 197:    1,966 Items