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Celestron Aux Port Splitter

ONLY £22.00


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This very useful adaptor screws into the end of most M6 counterweight shafts and gives you a 1/4" thread for attaching photographic accessories such as ball heads and camera brackets.

Geoptik M6 Counterweight Shaft Adaptor to 1/4'' Thread For Cameras

ONLY £11.99

Allows T Rings to attach directly onto the Hyperions

This adaptor ring adapts Baader Hyperion eyepeices to accept cameras via standard T-Rings.

Baader M43 - T2 Adaptor Ring

ONLY £13.00

High quality webcam adaptor by RVO. This is a well made adaptor that screws into most universal webcams. Then you can use this in any 1.25" openeing.

RVO Webcam Adaptor 1.25''

ONLY £14.99

This T Adaptor threads directly to the thread on the rear cell of Celestron C90, C130 and NexStar 4 SE telescope models. The adaptor allows direct connection of a digital SLR camera when combined with an appropriate T ring for your make of camera.

Celestron Mak T Adaptor

ONLY £15.00

This SCT T Adaptor threads directly to the thread on the rear cell of Celestron C5, C6, C8, C9.25, C11, C14 and NexStar 5, 6 & 8 and CPC800, 925, & 1100 models along with many other manufacturers telescopes with an SCT thread.

Celestron SCT T Adaptor

ONLY £15.00

High quality all metal SLR T Mounts. These rings attach onto your SLR body which can then be used with a wide range of T adaptors for connecting your SLR to a telescope.

Rother Valley Optics T Mounts

ONLY £15.99  -  £21.00

A very simple 1.25" - T Thread adaptor. To be used in conjunction with a T Mount for connecting your camera directly to your telescope. The T Mounts are available separately from us.

Antares 1.25'' - T Thread Adaptor

ONLY £17.99

Designed for attaching a Canon DSLR camera to any of the Sky-Watcher 0.85x Focal Reducer/Correctors (product codes 20234, 20235 & 20236).

Skywatcher M48 x 0.75 SLR Adaptor For Coma Correctors

ONLY £17.99

The Meade #64ST T-Adapter is the basic means of prime-focus photography with the Meade ETX 70/80 telescope. Thread the T-Adapter onto the rear cell of the telescope

Meade #64ST T Adaptor

ONLY £19.00

Designed for use in telescopes with 2" focusers. Threaded to accept standard photographic T-Mounts. High quality CNC machined adaptor with black anodized finish.

Skywatcher 2'' T Adaptor

ONLY £19.80
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Page 1 of 6:    51 Items