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Astrozap FlexiHeat Heated Dew Shields

ONLY £49.00  -  £175.00

Astrozap Flexible Dew Shields

ONLY £26.00  -  £70.00

RVO Heater Bands With Integrated Controller

ONLY £21.99  -  £42.99

Dew Shields & Heaters

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Our Easy-Fit Flexible dew shields will combat dewing and keep stray light at bay. The shield features black fibre flocking on the inside for improved image contrast and good infrared absorption (good for CCD imaging).

Astro Engineering Flexible Dew Shield For Meade ETX 70AT

ONLY £8.00

We are pleased to announce our new range of heater bands. Very well made bands with an integreated controller for temperature adjustment. These will connect directly into a 12v power supply with a 2.1mm plug, which is standard on most Skywatcher and Celestron power tanks.

RVO Heater Bands With Integrated Controller

ONLY £21.99  -  £42.99

Astrozap Dew Heater Straps are the finest selection for the active dew fighting system. Made in the USA with advanced materials, Astrozap Dew Heater Straps apply heat evenly across the length of the strap. Astrozap stocks Dew Heater Straps for all popular sizes to fit eyepieces, finderscopes and telescope objectives. Astrozap also offers specialty heaters for binoculars, Telrad and Rigel finders.

Astrozap Dew Heater Bands

ONLY £26.99  -  £65.00

A Lens Shade/Dew Cap is a tube, of approximately the same diameter as your telescope tube, designed to fit on the front end of the telescope to reduce the amount of dew that builds up on the corrector plate. It also serves as a Len Shade by preventing stray light from falling on the corrector plate, which greatly improves contrast.

Celestron C6/C8 Flexible Dew Shield

  (1)ONLY £27.00

The dew shield is the basic component of the passive dew fighting system. Astrozap Aluminum and FlexiShields are proudly made in the USA of the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Astrozap Flexible Dew Shields

ONLY £26.00  -  £70.00

Astrozap dew shield caps are made to fit our line of aluminum dew shields.

Astrozap Aluminium Dew Shield Caps

ONLY £35.00  -  £52.00

Kendrick's new FireFly heaters are designed for the astronomer who requires a dew prevention system that is both economical in price and power. Available in a range of sizes.

Kendrick Firefly Dew Heater Bands

ONLY £34.00  -  £51.00

Kendricks Premier Heaters are designed to be used with cameras and camera lenses, telescopes optics of all kinds, binoculars and temperature sensitive electronics.

Kendrick Premium Dew Heater Bands

ONLY £41.00  -  £55.50

A high quality dual port, single heat setting dew controller. A nice option for smaller set ups to get rid of that annoying dew.

Rother Valley Optics 2 Channel Dew Heater Controller

ONLY £44.99
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