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Skywatcher Star Adventurer Astro Imaging Mount Photo Bundle

ONLY £299.00   £265.00

Telescope Mounts & Tripods

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Very duty tripod available on it's own from the Celestron CG-5 mount kits. These are very sturdy tripods. These will fit the CG-5 mounts as well as a nice upgrade for the Skywatcher EQ5 mounts.

Celestron Heavy Duty 2'' CG-5 Stainless Steel Tripod

  (1)ONLY £120.00

The Sky-Watcher AZ PRONTO is a lightweight, highly portable Alt-Azimuth mount constructed from cast aluminium, designed to attach small telescopes up to 3kg in weight, fitted with a 45mm dovetail bar.

Skywatcher AZ Pronto Mount & Tripod

ONLY £124.00

Features lightweight aluminium legs for extreme portability

Skywatcher AZ4-1 Alt Az Mount With Aluminium Tripod

  (1)ONLY £149.00   £135.00

The AZ5 Deluxe Alt-Azimuth Mount Head can be fitted to any tripod via a standard 3/8" screw connector. Constructed from cast aluminium and designed to attach small telescopes up to 5kg in weight, fitted with a 45mm dovetail bar, or other equipment by using the optional L-bracket

Skywatcher AZ5 Deluxe AZ Mount Head Only

ONLY £138.00

Solid stainless steel tripod with 2" legs for ultimate stability for the EQ6.

Skywatcher Stainless Steel Tripod 2'' For EQ6

  (1)ONLY £145.00

The superb EQ3-2 mount receives high marks from experienced observers. This sturdy mount offers precision and stability along with a host of other features for the serious astronomer.

Skywatcher EQ3-2 Deluxe Equatorial Mount & Tripod

ONLY £189.00   £169.00

Features stainless steel legs for maximum strength/stability

Skywatcher AZ4-2 Alt Az Mount With Stainless Steel Tripod

ONLY £199.00   £170.00

The new SupaTrakô mount shares more than a passing resemblance to the Celestron SLT, but the somewhat quieter and heavier duty SupaTrak sports a more robust Vixen-style dovetail clamp

Skywatcher SupaTrak Auto Motorized Alt Az Mount

ONLY £178.00

Quick to set up and intiutive to use with easy tension controls on both axes.
Perfect for visual astronomy with a small refractor. No power needed, no polar aligment needed (like for Equatorial Mounts), just point and go!

Altair Astro Starwave Mini AZ Mount

ONLY £179.99

The 'Merlin' D.C. fully-automated, Servo-Motor powered mounting is quite unique, in that nothing like this has been offered in the marketplace previously. It is highly versatile, and can be used to mount a wide variety of imaging devices

Acuter Merlin Multi Function Mount & Tripod

ONLY £189.00
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Page 2 of 6:    59 Items