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Collins Planisphere

Collins Planisphere£9.99

Collins Stargazing

Collins Stargazing£9.99


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Philip's Deep Sky Observer's Guide

Philip's Deep Sky Observer's Guide£9.99

Provides a practical introduction to deep sky observing, for beginners and more advanced observers. This book contains descriptions of more than 200 deep sky objects, suitable for users of binoculars and small telescopes.

Philip's The Urban Astronomy Guide

Philip's The Urban Astronomy Guide£9.99

In this book, author Robin Scagell shows that night-time lighting and the resultant brightening of the sky can be combated, and demonstrates how to make the best of poor conditions.

Philip’s Guide to Stars and Planets

Philip’s Guide to Stars and Planets£9.99

A dependable, accurate and attractive reference source for all amateur astronomers, written by Sir Patrick Moore.

Saturn - A New View (Ex Display)

Saturn - A New View (Ex Display)£9.99

Saturn - A New View
Laura Lovett

The Philip's Mini Stargazer

The Philip's Mini Stargazer£9.99

The Philip's Mini Stargazer


  • Philip's Star Chart
  • Philip's Planisphere
  • Philip's Stargazing with Binoculars by Robin Scagell and David Frydman
Observing Meteors, Comets, Supernovae, And Other Transient Phenomena (Ex Display)

Observing Meteors, Comets, Supernovae, And Other Transient Phenomena (Ex Display)£10.00

By Neil Bone

Part of the 'Practical Astronomy' series, as edited by Sir Patrick Moore

The Monthly Sky Guide

The Monthly Sky Guide£11.99

This classic beginner's guide to the night sky has been updated with planet positions and forthcoming eclipses up to the end of the year 2014

Stargazing Basics: Getting Started in Recreational Astronomy

Stargazing Basics: Getting Started in Recreational Astronomy£13.99

How do I get started in astronomy? Should I buy binoculars or a telescope? What can I expect to see? This wonderful informal guide to astronomy has all the information an absolute beginner needs to get started. It explains the basic techniques and equipment you need for exploring the night sky, from observing with the naked eye to using binoculars and telescopes.

Philips Night Sky Atlas

Philips Night Sky Atlas£14.99

This highly practical star atlas is suitable for use anywhere in the world. It has a robust damp-proof binding, making it ideal for use out of doors, and the tough paper is suitable for annotating with pencil when observing.

Philips Stargazer Starter Pack

Philips Stargazer Starter Pack£14.99

Includes the Planisphere as seen on the BBC's Stargazing Live!

The Philip's Stargazer pack contains three esential items to get you started on the facinating hobby of astronomy. Please note the disposable packaging that this product is supplied in (shown in the picture) can vary and may be different to that shown.

Sport Optics By Alan Hale

Sport Optics By Alan Hale£15.00

Detailed explanations of the most popular optical designs for binoculars, riflescopes, and spotting scopes.

Urban Astronomy

Urban Astronomy£15.99

The result of thirty years of observing the night sky from within a city, Denis Berthier's practical guide will help amateur astronomers to enjoy their hobby without having to travel to distant sites, and without using complicated equipment or difficult techniques, enabling them to observe and photograph stars and planets as well as many other celestial objects.

Philips Astronomy Starter Pack

Philips Astronomy Starter Pack£16.99

Philip's Astronomy Starter Pack is an exciting new starter pack suitable for use in the Northern Hemisphere, containing three essential items to introduce the beginner to the fascinating hobby of astronomy

Collins Stars & Planets Guide

Collins Stars & Planets Guide£19.99

A comprehensive guide to all the stars and celestial objects visible with the use of binoculars or an average-sized telescope, this fully revised edition features updated and extended text, improved sky charts, and new diagrams and photographs.

David Levy's Guide to Observing and Discovering Comets

David Levy's Guide to Observing and Discovering Comets£19.99

David Levy has held a lifelong passion for comets, and is one of the most successful comet discoverers in history. In this book he describes the observing techniques that have been developed over the years - from visual observations and searching, to photography, through to electronic charge-coupled devices (CCDs).

David Levy's Guide to Observing Meteor Showers

David Levy's Guide to Observing Meteor Showers£19.99

This book is a step-by-step guide to observing meteors and meteor showers. Any necessary science is explained simply and in clearly understandable terms. This is a perfect introduction to observing meteors, and is ideal for both seasoned and budding astronomers.

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Page 2 of 4:    61 Items