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Celestron Moon Filter 1.25''

Celestron Moon Filter 1.25"£12.99

Celestron’s Moon Filter is an economical eyepiece filter for reducing the brightness of the Moon and improving contrast, so greater detail can be observed on the lunar surface.

Celestron Neutral Density Moon Filter 1.25''

Celestron Neutral Density Moon Filter 1.25"£16.99

The Neutral Density Moon Filter attaches to a 1.25” eyepiece to lower the amount of light entering the eyepiece by 87%. The Moon is one of the most viewed objects in the sky, but you shouldn’t be deprived of its features due to brightness.

Celestron Variable Polarizing Filter 1.25''

Celestron Variable Polarizing Filter 1.25"£34.99

When you want to selectively reduce the brightness of celestial objects for a customized view, the Variable Polarizing Filter is the perfect choice. Unlike regular Moon Filters and Neutral Density Filters, the level of brightness can be reduced to just 1% or as much as 40%.

Celestron RASA 8'' Light Pollution Imaging Filter

Celestron RASA 8" Light Pollution Imaging Filter£349.00

For the vast majority of us, we live in cities or locations with a lot of street lights. Light pollution in the night sky can significantly degrade contrast in astronomical images.

Celestron Light Pollution Imaging Filter Rowe-Ackermann

Celestron Light Pollution Imaging Filter Rowe-Ackermann£699.00

Get the most out of your Celestron Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph, even under light-polluted skies, with this Light Pollution Imaging Filter, custom-designed for RASA by Celestron and Astrodon.


Page 1 of 1:    5 Items