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Astronomik UHC Deep Sky Filters

ONLY £79.00  -  £159.00

Baader H-Alpha 7nm CCD Narrowband Filters

ONLY £103.00  -  £165.00

Deep Sky Filters

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The Astronomik UHC-E filter is our budget filter for deep-sky observation of emission nebulae and comets under light polluted skies. Itís particularly suitable for small íscopes.

Astronomik UHC-E Deep Sky Filters

ONLY £54.00  -  £104.00

The Baader UHC-S manages to improve on the contrast of the typical broadband or so-called "Deep Sky" filters. Sky background is darker, and contrast of emission nebulae are noticeably improved

Baader UHC-S / L-Booster Filters

  (1)ONLY £58.00  -  £98.00

Observing difficult, dim Deep Sky targets like Planetary Nebulae and certain supernovae remnants, such as the Veil Nebula in Cygnus from light poluted environments can be a very tricky business. This is where the Explore Scientific 1.25" O-III Nebula Filter shows its strengths.

Explore Scientific O-III Nebula Filter 1.25''

ONLY £58.00

The Astronomik CLS is a budget filter for visual observation, Black & White photography and CCD photographs of nebulae, galaxies and star clusters with astronomical instruments of any size.

Astronomik CLS Deep Sky & Light Pollution Filters

ONLY £59.00  -  £139.00

Standing for "City Light Suppression", the Explore Scientific 2" CLS Nebula Filter is not just for observing nebulous objects, as it lets a broader swathe of wavelengths through to the observer than either the OIII or UHC Explore Scientific filters do.

Explore Scientific CLS Nebula Filter 2''

ONLY £67.00

More versatile than the OIII filter, the Explore Scientific 2" UHC Nebula Filter will work on a broader range of nebulous objects, due to its dual peaks in transmissions on both broader OIII lines and Hydrogen wavelengths

Explore Scientific UHC Nebula Filter 2''

ONLY £67.00

The Astronomik H-beta is a filter for visual observation, in particular with instruments of larger aperture. Available in 1.25" and 2" fits.

Astronomik H-Beta Filters

ONLY £73.00  -  £129.99

Planoptically polished for the highest image quality. Only 10nm FWHM with a 93% transmission rate. Perfect for planetary observation producing very high contrast levels.

Baader Oxygen III 10nmHBW Visual Filters

ONLY £73.00  -  £129.00

This high quality UHC filter is a narrowband nebula filter for enhancing globular and planetary deep sky objects. It blocks out a certain band of light to enhance contrast and detail on deep sky objects.

Antares UHC Narrowband Nebula Filter 1.25''

ONLY £74.99

The Explore Scientific H-beta filter uses a characteristic property of the so called emission nebulae. Those objects glow in special colors, the so called emission lines. Those emission lines are linked to chemical elements - in this case hydrogen.

Explore Scientific H-Beta Nebula Filter 1.25''

ONLY £76.00
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