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Barlow Lenses

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The Celestron Luminos Barlow inserts between the eyepiece and eyepiece holder on the telescope and increases the magnification by 2.5x.
Premium quality 4-element fully multicoated lens assembly delivers superb field flatness and minimal chromatic aberration.

Celestron Luminos 2.5x Barlow Lens 2''

ONLY £118.00

The Flat Field Tele Extender's 4-element optical design minimises field curvature, and allows for excellent colour correction.

Altair Astro x2 Premium Flat Field Barlow Lens 2''

ONLY £119.00

With tele extenders it is possible to extend the effective focal length of a telescope system, resulting in higher magnification for the observation of the moon, the planets or small Deep-Sky objects with the same eyepieces.

Explore Scientific 2x Barlow Focal Extender 2''

ONLY £142.00

The Baader Planetarium VIP Modular Barlow is a complete high quality 2X photo-visual barlow system. The VIP (VIsual and Photographic) barlow is ingeniously designed for functionality and flexibility.

Baader VIP Modular 2x Barlow Lens

ONLY £163.00

With 31.7mm Baader ClickLock clamp. The latest version of one of the finest astronomical barlows ever made has been manufactured exclusively for Baader Planetarium by Carl Zeiss.

Baader Carl Zeiss Abbe 1.25'' Barlow Lens 2x

ONLY £475.00

For the first time in astronomical history, a fully multicoated astronomical barlow lens has been designed with multiple CaF2 Fluorite elements (real CaF2 - not common ED Glass!). The result is a stunning performer.

Baader Fluorite Flatfield Converter (FFC) 4x - 8x Barlow

ONLY £645.00
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Page 4 of 4:    36 Items