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Skywatcher Ultrawide Eyepieces 1.25''

ONLY £28.99

Skywatcher SP Series Super Plossl Eyepieces 1.25''

ONLY £21.00  -  £28.99

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The modified achromat series of eyepieces offer a good standard of performance in a very affordable package. Designed for telescopes with mid-range to long f/ratio, these oculars have features usually found only in more expensive designs.

Skywatcher Super MA Eyepieces 1.25''

ONLY £13.00  -  £14.00

The Plossl eyepiece is by far the most popular ocular in use today. With its 4-element symmetrical doublet design, it has low aberrations with almost every type of instrument.

Antares Plossl Eyepieces 1.25''

ONLY £21.99  -  £36.99

Provides an upright, correctly orientated image for terrestrial observations. Suitable for use with Newtonian Reflector Telescopes or Refractor telescopes.

Skywatcher 10mm Erecting Eyepiece 1.25''

ONLY £24.00

If you are looking to move up to a higher quality eyepiece the Omni series provides more enhanced features in a wider selection of focal lengths. Celestron designed this series with the finer points in mind so you, the user, can benefit from the features that make this series unique.

Celestron Omni Plossl Eyepieces 1.25''

ONLY £25.00  -  £39.00

The world standard in telescope oculars, Meade Series 4000 eyepieces yield the widest possible fields of view, consistent with pinpoint edge-of-field sharpness and long eye relief—and yet with extremely low astigmatism, spherical aberration, and off-axis color.

Meade Series 4000 Super Plossl Eyepieces

ONLY £26.50  -  £69.95

These standard 1.25"/31.7mm eyepieces set high performance standards for modern telescope oculars. The proven 4-element Plossl designs display edge-to-edge pinpoint imaging across their panoramic 52º fields.

Skywatcher SP Series Super Plossl Eyepieces 1.25''

  (1)ONLY £21.00  -  £28.99

These Sky-Watcher Ultra-Wide Angle, Multi-Coated, Long Eye Relief eyepieces offer a generous 66º apparent field of view, allowing more sky objects to be viewed at one time. They provide sharp images right across the field.

Skywatcher Ultrawide Eyepieces 1.25''

  (1)ONLY £28.99

This is a high-quality Antares 1.25 25mm Plossl eyepiece with focusable crosshairs (single), perfect for alignment and tracking. To obtain razor-sharp focusing of the crosshairs, merely turn the upper part of the eyepiece.

Antares 25mm Cross Hair Plossl Eyepiece 1.25''

  (2)ONLY £34.99

High quality 7 - 21mm zoom eyepiece in 1.25" format. This eyepiece allows you to change focal lengths without swapping and changing eyepieces. The 1.25" barrel is filter threaded to accept standard 1.25" filters.

Skywatcher 7 - 21mm Zoom Eyepiece 1.25''

ONLY £39.00

High quality 1.25" wide angle eyepieces. A superb upgrade from the standard eyepieces that come with most telescopes. Unlike the plossl eyepieces that are generally 52° field, these WA eyepieces give an impressive 68° field

RVO 68° WA Eyepieces 1.25''

ONLY £39.99
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Page 1 of 8:    79 Items