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Astrozap Dew Heater Bands

ONLY £26.99  -  £65.00

Astrozap Flexible Dew Shields

ONLY £26.00  -  £70.00

Astrozap Full Aperture Focusing Screens

ONLY £21.00  -  £61.00


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The Astrozap FlexiHeat Dew Shield uniquely combines both active and passive methods of dew fighting with the added feature of shielding the telescope from undesirable stray light.

Astrozap FlexiHeat Heated Dew Shields

  (1)ONLY £49.00  -  £175.00

The Astrozap dual channel controller uses pulse width modulation technology. Each channel controls two outputs for a total of four outputs. Each channel is capable of a duty cycle from 5% on time at the low setting to 95% on time at the high setting.

Astrozap Dual Channel 4 Outlet Dew Controller

ONLY £94.99

The dew shield is the basic component of the passive dew fighting system. Astrozap Aluminum and FlexiShields are proudly made in the USA of the highest quality materials and workmanship.

Astrozap Aluminium Dew Shields

ONLY £125.00  -  £265.00
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