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Our new range of parfocal rings come in both 1.25" and 2" fittings. They are well made all metal and work perfectly.

RVO Parfocal Rings

ONLY £4.99  -  £5.99

Ideal accessory for splitting your cigarette lighter outputs for multiple accessories. You can now power you telescope and a dew system from just 1 outlet. A very useful and inexpensive adaptor.

Mercury Cigarette Lighter Double Splitter Adaptor

ONLY £9.99

For locking camera orientation
Fits between (almost) any of our T-2 fittings
Allows the rotational rotation of flanged accessories, locking in the appropriate position

Baader T-2 Locking Ring 2mm Optical Length

ONLY £12.00

High quality made all metal C mount 1.25" adpator. This handy adaptor will screw onto any C mount camera and allow you to use it in any 1.25" fitting telescope. Ideal for scopes such as the PST and short tube refractors.

Rother Valley Optics C Mount 1.25'' Adaptor

ONLY £12.99

Allows T Rings to attach directly onto the Hyperions

This adaptor ring adapts Baader Hyperion eyepeices to accept cameras via standard T-Rings.

Baader M43 - T2 Adaptor Ring

ONLY £13.00

The Hyperion DT-Ring will allow you to attach any digital camera, CCD Camera or video camera to the Hyperion eyepieces.They can also be used on Baader's Hyperion Zoom eyepiece.

Baader Hyperion SP54 DT Rings & Adaptors

ONLY £14.00  -  £15.00

This handy adaptor pushes into any 1.25" eyepiece holder and then gives you T thread on the other side. All you need is the T mount for your camera, and then your SLR is connected directly to your scope.

Rother Valley Optics T2 Nosepiece Adaptor 1.25''

ONLY £14.99

This very handy adaptor from RVO converts an M48 thread to a simple 1.25" nosepiece. If you have an M48 T mount, then this is the ideal adaptor to connect it directly to a 1.25" holder. The nosepiece is also threaded to accept standard filters.

RVO M48 - 1.25'' Nosepiece Adaptor

ONLY £14.99

Very versatile mounting plate. This handy adaptor wil bolt onto your telescope tube rings then allow the scope to be mounting on any tripod with a 1/4" thread.

RVO Universal Mounting Plate

ONLY £14.99

High quality webcam adaptor by RVO. This is a well made adaptor that screws into most universal webcams. Then you can use this in any 1.25" openeing.

RVO Webcam Adaptor 1.25''

ONLY £14.99
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Page 1 of 13:    128 Items