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Baader Hyperion Finetuning Rings

ONLY £12.00  -  £14.00

Extension Tubes

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High quality M48 threaded extension tubes in various lengths. Please select the required size from the drop down box above.

RVO M48 Extension Tubes - Various Lengths Available

ONLY £9.99  -  £15.99

Altogether 15 pc - in 5 sizes, three rings per size (thickness 0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.4mm)
Well suited to tune the rotary position of all kinds of T-2 accessories in approx 90 increments, to move locking screws of eyepiece holders into a comfortable position.

Baader T-2 Adjustment/Spacer Rings 15pc

ONLY £10.00

There is often a problem with off-axis systems or folding mirror attachments, where the receptacles of normal eyepieces is just 1-2cm too short to be able to adjust the sharpness level properly.

Baader DT-4 1.25'' Nosepiece Extension 18mm Long

ONLY £10.50

With the addition of Baader's new Finetuning Rings, each Hyperion eyepiece can now function as four eyepieces! Available in 14mm and 28mm lengths. The finetuning rings are 2" OD and threaded M48 (filter thread) on each end, so they can be installed in-between the Hyperion's removable front negative element and main body.

Baader Hyperion Finetuning Rings

ONLY £12.00  -  £14.00

Extends the SP54 threads 11mm on the Baader Hyperion EP

Attaches onto the SP54 threads on the Baader Hyperion eyepieces, to allow cameras to be attached.

Baader SP54 11mm Extension Ring

ONLY £12.00

High quality T2 extensions tubes available in various sizes from 3mm to 40mm. Particularly used to achieve focus with SLR and CCD cameras.

Rother Valley Optics T2 Extension Tubes - Various Sizes

ONLY £12.99  -  £13.99

Nicely made extension tubes suitable for use with a wide variety of T-threaded equipment. Available in 7.5mm, 15mm & 40mm lenghts.

As spacers they are useful for increasing image scale and magnification.

Baader T-2 Extension Tubes

ONLY £14.50

Allows mounting of Baader 2" filters
Needs Hyperion DT-rings #2958028 - 2458062 and additional Stepper Rings M67 up to M82
All Baader 2" filters in version M48 thread can be customised with specific extension tubes on almost all DSRL lenses.

Baader DSLR-2'' Filter Holder M48/SP54

ONLY £21.00

High quality well made 1.25" extension tube. This handy adaptor allows you to push back your optical train in order to achieve focus. The adaptor is provides an extra 2" of extra focus travel.

Antares 1.25'' Extension Tube 2'' Long

ONLY £22.99

Consists of 3 parts: #26/#34/#35
Converts a T-2 external thread in a T-2 internal thread, and a T-2 internal thread in a T-2 external thread

Baader Variable Locking T-2 Extension 12-14mm

ONLY £34.00
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