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Skywatcher Universal Dovetail Bars

ONLY £11.50  -  £17.99

ADM Losmandy D Series Universal Bars Various Sizes

ONLY £62.00  -  £120.00

Dovetail Bars

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High quality made RVO dovetail bars. Vixen style available in various lengths. The long version has cut outs for the EQ5 saddle to ensure this doesn't slip out if the bar isn't secured properly.

Rother Valley Optics Dovetail Bars

ONLY £9.99  -  £14.99

Vixen style dovetail bars to suit various vixen style mounts. Available in short, medium and long.

Skywatcher Universal Dovetail Bars

ONLY £11.50  -  £17.99

Very versatile mounting plate. This handy adaptor wil bolt onto your telescope tube rings then allow the scope to be mounting on any tripod with a 1/4" thread.

RVO Universal Mounting Plate

ONLY £14.99

This is a high quality CNC machined universal 80mm long dovetail bar by Geoptik. Anodized in their trademark orange for that custom look.

Geoptik 80mm Universal Vixen Style Dovetail Bar

ONLY £19.99

Vixen Dovetail, 120mm long

Baader Vixen Dovetail 120mm long

ONLY £21.00

High quality dovetail bar anodized in Celestrons trademark orange.

Available in various sizes to suit different OTA's

Celestron CGE Dovetail Bars

ONLY £29.00  -  £52.00

Skywatchers new L bracket to go with their amazing new Star Adventurer mount. Allows you to mount your camera for time lapse photography and also used for astronomical imaging.

Skywatcher Dovetail L Bracket For Star Adventurer

ONLY £29.00

A very high quality made CNC machined and anodized dovetail bar. This is a vixen style bar that will fit most moden mounts. It has mounting holes as well as universal slots to make it compatible with most telescopes.

Geoptik 170mm Vixen Style Universal Dovetail Bar

ONLY £34.99

High quality made William Optics vixen style dovetail bar. Available in various colours.

William Optics 2017 Vixen Style Dovetail Plate

ONLY £35.00  -  £45.00

New Vixen-style black color dovetail plate # M-PVB. Black anodized color matches color of WO mounting rings.

William Optics Vixen Style Dovetail Plate

ONLY £35.00
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Page 1 of 4:    31 Items