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Peterson EZ Clutch Upgrade Kits

Peterson EZ Clutch Upgrade Kits£29.99


This upgrade kit modifies the declination clutch system on Meade telescopes. When installed, lightly tightening the clutch knob with two fingers is all that is required to hold even the most unbalanced scope firmly in position.

Peterson EZ Focus Upgrade Kit

Peterson EZ Focus Upgrade Kit£32.99

The kit removes most of the backlash in Meade's focusing system and consistently provides a light precise feel to the focuser knob.

Peterson EZ Balance On Axis Counterweight

Peterson EZ Balance On Axis Counterweight£41.99

This simple but unique 3.3 pound counterweight has a thin flange that fits between the telescope backplate and the EyeOpener (or the manufacturer's supplied visual back)

Peterson Bucks Drive Tune Up For Meade LX200 ACF & Later LX200 GPS

Peterson Bucks Drive Tune Up For Meade LX200 ACF & Later LX200 GPS£45.99

This tune-up kit further increases the precision of your drives through a series of adjustments that Meade's assembly line did not take the time to optimize or simply cannot make.

Peterson EyeOpener II Tube Adaptor

Peterson EyeOpener II Tube Adaptor£49.99

This adapter allows the attachment of anything with a 2" tube (such as a standard 2" diagonal) to be attached directly to your Meade SCT without using the microfocuser.

Peterson EyeOpener II Visual Back

Peterson EyeOpener II Visual Back£76.59

An EyeOpener enhances the performance of long focal length 2" eyepieces on Meade 10”, 12" and 14” Schmidt-Cassegrain and Ritchey-Chrétien telescopes by increasing the eyepiece optical path

Peterson Eyeopener III Visual Back

Peterson Eyeopener III Visual Back£79.99

Increase light reaching your eye or camera chip by as much as 65%! It's the equivalent of buying the next size bigger scope.

Peterson Mounting Assistant

Peterson Mounting Assistant£119.99

The Mounting Assistant is a super-compact 8-1/2" X 10-1/4" mounting plate designed to simplify attachment of Meade's LX400ACF, LX200ACF, LX200R, LX200GPS, RCX400, LX200 Classic and LX90 telescopes

Peterson Bucks Precision Gears For Meade LX200 GPS

Peterson Bucks Precision Gears For Meade LX200 GPS£139.99


Replace your plastic gears with precision machined high strength stainless steel gears. This kit only upgrades the transfer gears; it addresses and tunes the full mechanical drive system for both axes.


Page 1 of 1:    9 Items