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Deben Tracer 12v Lithium Polymer Battery Packs

ONLY £89.99  -  £259.00

Skywatcher 7 Amp Power Tank

ONLY £54.99

Power Supplies

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A decent power supply is key for computerized GOTO telescopes. This is a 5 amp 12v mains supply so it will suit all GOTO telescopes no matter what size.


Rother Valley Optics 12v Mains Power Supply

ONLY £29.99

A solid portable power supply for your telescope. Recommended for smaller telescopes such as the Supa Trak Auto, SynScan AZ and smaller equatorial mounts.

Skywatcher 7 Amp Power Tank

  (1)ONLY £54.99

This is a fully regulated supply so you won't get any power spikes that may damage your equipement. A must have for any serious telescope.

Rother Valley Optics 6Ah Bench Mains Power Supply

ONLY £59.99

This is a small accessory pack put together by us to compiment first time GOTO telescopes. The kit comes with a 12v mains power supply, a 40mm wide angle super plossl eyepiece, an Antares ND25 moon filter and a Philip's Planisphere to find objects and learn about the sky

Rother Valley Optics GOTO Starter Accessory Pack

ONLY £79.00

LiFePO4 batteries are the safest battery technology available. The output voltage is identical to SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) batteries, but they weigh approximately ⅓ of SLA.

Tracer 12v LiFePO4 Lithium Phosphate Battery Packs

ONLY £89.00  -  £329.00

Brilliant portable 12v power supplies for telescopes. Available in a range of capacity for longer running times. Comes with everything you need to get going. Check out these brilliant power supplies today

Deben Tracer 12v Lithium Polymer Battery Packs

ONLY £89.99  -  £259.00

Multi-function rechargeable power supply for use with Sky-Watcher SynScan, SynTrek, SupaTrak, AllView and Virtuoso mountings, and computerised telescopes of other brands requiring a 12v DC Power Supply

Skywatcher 17 Amp Power Tank

ONLY £103.00

Take your telescope anywhere with this portable, rechargeable power supply. Enjoy extended observing and imaging sessions worry-free with 17 amp-hours of power in one convenient package. Use the included removable red flashlight while your eyes are dark-adapted to find accessories and reference star charts

Celestron 17 Amp Power Tank

ONLY £115.00

The new PowerTank Lithium keeps the charge going for the astronomer on the go. The Lithium Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery chemistry has significant advantages over other battery chemistries.

Celestron Power Tank Lithium

ONLY £129.00

Tired of lugging around a heavy battery? Discover the latest Portable Power!
LiFePO4 battery packs offer tremendous advantages over traditional sealed lead acid (SLA) batteries.
Lighter. Smaller. Better.

Deben Tracer Lithium Phosphate 12v Battery Packs

ONLY £215.00  -  £329.00

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