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Rigel QuikFinder Spare Baseplates

Rigel QuikFinder Spare Baseplates£5.60

Spare Rigel Baseplates allow you to put your QuikFinder on multiple telescopes. Available as either a small or large size.

RVO 6 x 30 Finderscope Only

RVO 6 x 30 Finderscope Only£14.99

Rother Valley Optics 6 x 30 Finderscope OTA complete with crosshair and rubber seal. A nice clear finderscope with a solid reticle. Very lightweight to suit most 30mm finderscope brackets.

Celestron Star Pointer

Celestron Star Pointer£18.00

Finding objects couldnít be easier! A 1x, or unit power finderscope designed so you can point the telescope while scanning the sky with both eyes. A mirror lens projects the image of a LED illuminated pinpoint into the line of sight, providing you with a red dot of light to center on the object you want to view.

Baader Universal Quick Release Finderscope Base

Baader Universal Quick Release Finderscope Base£24.00

The Baader Universal Quick Release finder base (finder-shoe) is compatible with most standard finder brackets and some red dot finders. The base can also be used as an additional base on telescopes that don't already have a finder shoe in a convenient position.

Skywatcher Red Dot Finder

Skywatcher Red Dot Finder£25.00

The Red Dot Finder makes setting up the telescope a snap. After proper alignment, the Red Dot Finder superimposes a small red dot on the sky, where the telescope is pointed. It is an ideal companion to the wide field short-tube refractors.

Celestron Star Pointer Pro Finderscope

Celestron Star Pointer Pro Finderscope£26.00


Spend less time centering your target and more time stargazing with Celestronís new premium finderscope: StarPointer Pro.

Baader Sky Surfer III Red Dot Finderscope

Baader Sky Surfer III Red Dot Finderscope£29.00

Baader's zero power red dot finderscope fetauring a 30mm optical aperture with anti-relective lens coatings. Supplied with a score of bases to fit it onto virtually telescope including all major brands.

RVO Solar Finderscope

RVO Solar Finderscope£29.99

The RVO solar finder is a lightweight, small accessory to help aid with locating the sun. Ideal for solar observers and imagers alike.

Skywatcher Straight Magnified Finderscopes

Skywatcher Straight Magnified Finderscopes£31.00  -  £54.00

High quality straight through finderscopes. Available in both 30mm and 50mm versions. Comes complete with high quality crosshairs for easy aiming. Standard Synta Style shoe.

Antares 6 x 30 Straight Finderscope With Bracket

Antares 6 x 30 Straight Finderscope With Bracket£34.99

Great value for money fully multicoated 6 x 30 finderscope. Comes complete with bracket which is a universal Synta fit. To check compatibility, please call us. The finder is internally baffled.

Skywatcher 9 x 50 Straight Finderscope Split From Evostar 80 Kit

Skywatcher 9 x 50 Straight Finderscope Split From Evostar 80 Kit£39.99

Brand new Skywatcher 9 x 50 straight finderscope. No box as it has been split from an Evostar 80 ED kit.

Skywatcher Right Angled Magnified Finderscopes

Skywatcher Right Angled Magnified Finderscopes£42.00  -  £75.00


High quality 30mm & 50mm finderscopes. Available in both right angled and erect image. All feature crosshairs for easy aiming.

Lunt Sol Searcher

Lunt Sol Searcher£45.00

The Lunt Sol Searcher is a nifty solar finder which helps to align telescopes for solar observations. The Sol Searcher is a projection device: a small image of the sun is projected onto an opaque screen to the rear of the unit, giving the user precise visual alighnment information regarding a main telescope's position in regard to the solar disc.

iOptron 6 x 30 Finderscope & Bracket

iOptron 6 x 30 Finderscope & Bracket£49.00

With a wide field of view and low-profile aperture, the iOptron 6x30mm Finderscope is an ideal finder for star-hopping navigation that won't add excessive weight or bulk to your OTA.

Skywatcher Straight Illuminated Magnified Finderscopes

Skywatcher Straight Illuminated Magnified Finderscopes£54.00  -  £75.00

Same high quality crosshair finderscope but with an illuminated reticle. Available in both 6 x 30 and 9 x 50. When using standard finderscopes it can be hard to see the crosshairs.

iOptron 8 x 50 Finderscope & Bracket

iOptron 8 x 50 Finderscope & Bracket£69.00

The iOptron 8x50mm Finderscope is an ideal finder for deep-sky observers who need additional magnification and aperture to be able to detect smaller and dimmer objects outside our solar system like binary stars, nebulae, or galaxies.

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Page 1 of 2:    30 Items