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Generic Red Dot Finder Synta Style Base

Generic Red Dot Finder Synta Style Base£4.00

Generic Red Dot Finder Synta Style Base.

Rigel QuikFinder Spare Baseplates

Rigel QuikFinder Spare Baseplates£5.60

Spare Rigel Baseplates allow you to put your QuikFinder on multiple telescopes. Available as either a small or large size.

Celestron Star Pointer

Celestron Star Pointer£24.00

Finding objects couldnít be easier! A 1x, or unit power finderscope designed so you can point the telescope while scanning the sky with both eyes. A mirror lens projects the image of a LED illuminated pinpoint into the line of sight, providing you with a red dot of light to center on the object you want to view.

RVO Horizon Red Dot Finder

RVO Horizon Red Dot Finder£25.00

The RVO Horizon Red Dot Finder is a superb finderscope that makes locating and spotting objects a breeze. Very well made body with a high quality LED.

Skywatcher Red Dot Finder

Skywatcher Red Dot Finder£25.00

The Red Dot Finder makes setting up the telescope a snap. After proper alignment, the Red Dot Finder superimposes a small red dot on the sky, where the telescope is pointed. It is an ideal companion to the wide field short-tube refractors.

Baader Universal Quick Release Finderscope Base

Baader Universal Quick Release Finderscope Base£29.00

The Baader Universal Quick Release finder base (finder-shoe) is compatible with most standard finder brackets and some red dot finders. The base can also be used as an additional base on telescopes that don't already have a finder shoe in a convenient position.

RVO Solar Finderscope

RVO Solar Finderscope£29.99

The RVO solar finder is a lightweight, small accessory to help aid with locating the sun. Ideal for solar observers and imagers alike.

Skywatcher Straight Magnified Finderscopes

Skywatcher Straight Magnified Finderscopes£32.00  -  £57.00

High quality straight through finderscopes. Available in both 30mm and 50mm versions. Comes complete with high quality crosshairs for easy aiming. Standard Synta Style shoe.

Baader Sky Surfer III Red Dot Finderscope

Baader Sky Surfer III Red Dot Finderscope£34.00

Baader's zero power red dot finderscope fetauring a 30mm optical aperture with anti-relective lens coatings. Supplied with a score of bases to fit it onto virtually telescope including all major brands.

Celestron Star Pointer Pro Finderscope

Celestron Star Pointer Pro Finderscope£34.00


Spend less time centering your target and more time stargazing with Celestronís new premium finderscope: StarPointer Pro.

Antares 6 x 30 Straight Finderscope With Bracket

Antares 6 x 30 Straight Finderscope With Bracket£34.99

Great value for money fully multicoated 6 x 30 finderscope. Comes complete with bracket which is a universal Synta fit. To check compatibility, please call us. The finder is internally baffled.

RVO Horizon Achromatic Finderscope & Bracket

RVO Horizon Achromatic Finderscope & Bracket£40.00  -  £52.00

The RVO Horizon finderscopes come complete with synta style brackets and are available in either a 6 x 30 or 8 x 50 size. Both are fully multi-coated with high quality crosshair

Skywatcher Right Angled Magnified Finderscopes

Skywatcher Right Angled Magnified Finderscopes£40.00  -  £75.00


High quality 30mm & 50mm finderscopes. Available in both right angled and erect image. All feature crosshairs for easy aiming.

Antares Red Dot Finder with Right Angle Finder

Antares Red Dot Finder with Right Angle Finder£44.99

The red-dot finder with right angled finder is ideal for observing at steep angles, ideal if you don't want to strain your neck. The spot is easily seen centered with your eye at the output barrel.

Lunt Sol Searcher

Lunt Sol Searcher£45.00

The Lunt Sol Searcher is a nifty solar finder which helps to align telescopes for solar observations. The Sol Searcher is a projection device: a small image of the sun is projected onto an opaque screen to the rear of the unit, giving the user precise visual alighnment information regarding a main telescope's position in regard to the solar disc.

iOptron 6 x 30 Finderscope & Bracket

iOptron 6 x 30 Finderscope & Bracket£49.00

With a wide field of view and low-profile aperture, the iOptron 6x30mm Finderscope is an ideal finder for star-hopping navigation that won't add excessive weight or bulk to your OTA.

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Page 1 of 3:    34 Items