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Barlow Lenses

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Barlow lenses offer an easy, economical way to increase the magnification range of your eyepieces, and Celestron carries a number of these highly useful lenses. A Barlow lens doubles the magnifying power of your eyepiece by doubling its effective focal length.

ONLY £25.00

Celestron Omni x2 Barlow Lens 1.25''

The lens unit varies the power obtained with any given eyepiece while maintaining excellent image quality. Their precise corrections for spherical and chromatic aberrations at all photo-visual wavelengths result in sharp, high-resolution performance on telescopes of any optical design.

  (1)ONLY £27.00

Skywatcher x2 Deluxe Achromatic Barlow Lens 1.25''

A very handy, high quality x2 barlow lens which doubles up as a T adaptor for SLR astro imaging. Why buy 2 items when you can get both in 1 package!

ONLY £29.00

Celestron x2 Barlow Lens With T Adaptor 1.25''

The Altair Astro Altair-EX 3x ED Barlow Lens contains ED optics for better colour correction compared to a conventional Barlow lens for improved contrast.

This Barlow lens is a highly recommended accessory for webcam imaging of planets.

ONLY £29.99

Altair-EX 3x ED Barlow Lens 1.25'' barrel

High quality x2 short achro barlow lens 1.25". Ideal for starter telescopes wanting to increase magnification without the outlay of eyepieces.

ONLY £29.99

Antares x2 Achro Barlow Lens 1.25''

The RVO x3 barlow lens is a high quality fully multi coated lens with integrated t threads for attaching cameras directly to the top. The barlow lens is even filter threaded for attaching your favourite 1.25" filters.

ONLY £29.99

RVO x3 Barlow Lens With T Thread 1.25''

A 1.25" high quality 2.5x three element apochromatic Barlow lens ideal for visual and imaging applications. Fully multi coated optics with air spaced design optics.

ONLY £34.00

Revelation Astro 2.5x Barlow Lens 1.25''

The Revelation Astro 2x Barlow Lens is an excellent choice for those in search of a good quality, good value 1.25" barlow lens. Featuring fully multicoated optical surfaces and neat, compact design

ONLY £34.00

Revelation Astro 2x Barlow Lens

If you own a telescope and are craving more power - especially when it comes to Lunar and Planetary observations, the look no further than the Revelation Astro 3x ED Barlow Lens.

ONLY £34.00

Revelation Astro 3x ED Barlow Lens 1.25''

A high quality, full mutli coated x2 barlow lens. Achromat lens for superb image quality. Increases the focal length by x2 for higher magnification observing ideal for the moon and planets.

ONLY £34.99

Antares x2 Achromat FMC Barlow Lens 1.25''

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Page 1 of 5:    47 Items