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OVL UHC Ultra High Contrast Nebula Filter

OVL UHC Ultra High Contrast Nebula Filter£44.00  -  £59.99

Deep Sky Filters

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This high performance CCD filter transmits only the Hydogen Beta emission line, and therefore is useful for greatly increasing the contrast of objects that glow in the corresponding region of the spectrum, for example the Horsehead, Cocoon and California nebulae.

ONLY £28.00  -  £39.99

OVL Hydrogen Beta Filters

Standing for "City Light Suppression", the Explore Scientific 1.25" CLS Nebula Filter is not just for observing nebulous objects, as it lets a broader swathe of wavelengths through to the observer than either the OIII or UHC Explore Scientific filters do.

ONLY £44.00

Explore Scientific CLS Nebula Filter 1.25''

More versatile than the OIII filter, the Explore Scientific 1.25" UHC Nebula Filter will work on a broader range of nebulous objects, due to its dual peaks in transmissions on both broader OIII lines and Hydrogen wavelengths

ONLY £44.00

Explore Scientific UHC Nebula Filter 1.25''

The O-III narrow band-pass filter isolates just the two doubly ionized oxygen lines (496 and 501nm) emitted by diffuse, planetary and extremely faint nebulae.

ONLY £44.00  -  £59.99

OVL Oxygen III Narrowband Filter

The narrowband UHC filter, like the O-III filter, isolates the two doubly ionized oxygen lines (496 and 501nm) in addition to the hydrogen-beta line (486nm) emitted by planetary and most emission nebulae.

ONLY £44.00  -  £59.99

OVL UHC Ultra High Contrast Nebula Filter

The Baader UHC-S manages to improve on the contrast of the typical broadband or so-called "Deep Sky" filters. Sky background is darker, and contrast of emission nebulae are noticeably improved

  (1)ONLY £57.00  -  £96.00

Baader UHC-S / L-Booster Filters

Observing difficult, dim Deep Sky targets like Planetary Nebulae and certain supernovae remnants, such as the Veil Nebula in Cygnus from light poluted environments can be a very tricky business. This is where the Explore Scientific 1.25" O-III Nebula Filter shows its strengths.

ONLY £57.00

Explore Scientific O-III Nebula Filter 1.25''

The Astronomik UHC-E filter is our budget filter for deep-sky observation of emission nebulae and comets under light polluted skies. Itís particularly suitable for small íscopes.

ONLY £58.00  -  £112.00

Astronomik UHC-E Deep Sky Filters

A unique filter for many different astronomical tasks. Incomparable in accracy to combinations of generic color filters made of raw polished glass Ė where surface inaccuracy adds up in the optical wave front to an unbearable degree!

ONLY £64.00  -  £99.00

Baader Contrast Booster Filters

The BAADER Fringe-Killer Filter minimizes unwanted blue fringing, comparable to a Minus-Violet-Filter, while retaining a very pleasing color balance.

ONLY £65.00  -  £92.00

Baader Fringe Killer Filters

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Page 1 of 4:    39 Items