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Omegon 76 Mini Dobsonian Telescope

Omegon 76 Mini Dobsonian Telescope£59.00

Omegon 76/300 Dobsonian telescope - for successfully observing the night sky. Easy to use, even if you are not familiar with telescopes. Ideal beginners telescopes

Omegon 60mm AZ1 Refractor Telescope

Omegon 60mm AZ1 Refractor Telescope£79.00

This telescope is ideal for easily getting started in amateur astronomy. A super gift for children or adults, and excellent value for money!

Omegon 76mm AZ1 Reflector Telescope

Omegon 76mm AZ1 Reflector Telescope£89.00

The entry-level class of reflecting telescopes begins with the Omegon 76/700 AZ. The Jupiter system with its four large Galilean moons or the rings of Saturn can now be seen, as can innumerable lunar craters. Ideal beginners telescope!

Omegon MightyMak 60 Telescope

Omegon MightyMak 60 Telescope£89.00

Do you want to be able to observe the Moon and planets but also landscape, trees and animals? The Omegon MightyMak is a compact all-rounder that is easy to use for almost all types of observing and for photography.

Zoomion Viking 60mm AZ Refractor Telescope

Zoomion Viking 60mm AZ Refractor Telescope£89.00

Discover the night sky above you! The Zoomion Viking 60AZ telescope lets you see thousands of craters on the lunar surface or Saturn with its rings. This refractor telescope unlocks so many secrets of the night sky.

Omegon 70mm AZ2 Refractor Telescope

Omegon 70mm AZ2 Refractor Telescope£119.00

The Omegon AC 70/700 telescope is your first taste of the world of astronomy. Practical observing with it is so simple that it highly suitable for children and adults alike.

Omegon MightyMak 60 Mini Dobsonian Telescope

Omegon MightyMak 60 Mini Dobsonian Telescope£129.00

The MightyMak 60 is the perfect travel mak telescope! Its compact length means it fits in virtually any bag. The MightyMak is the right telescope if you love both - the stars and nature.

Omegon 70mm EQ1 Refractor Telescope

Omegon 70mm EQ1 Refractor Telescope£145.00

The Omegon 70/900 EQ-1 telescope is perfect for starting to observe the night sky. You can observe the moon, stars and planets, tracking them easily with the equatorial mount.

Omegon 76mm EQ2 Reflector Telescope

Omegon 76mm EQ2 Reflector Telescope£149.00

Do you often gaze up at the stars on a clear evening? How about taking a closer look? The Omegon 76mm reflector telescope lets you observe the Moon with its thousands of craters and much more!

Omegon MightyMak 90 Telescope

Omegon MightyMak 90 Telescope£165.00

The MightyMak is a reflector telescope employing the Maksutov design. This telescope has a slightly shorter focal length as compared with models from other manufacturers. This has a positive effect, with a brighter image and a larger field of view.

Omegon MightyMak 90 Mini Dobsonian Telescope

Omegon MightyMak 90 Mini Dobsonian Telescope£199.00

Omegon MightyMak - an elegant Maksutov for both astronomy and nature in a compact mini dobsonian mount that you can take anywhere! A truly versatile instrument ideal for beginners.

Omegon 90mm EQ2 Refractor Telescope

Omegon 90mm EQ2 Refractor Telescope£225.00

The Omegon 90/1000mm EQ-2 refractor provides you with a good starting point for being able to more closely observe the night sky. The rugged high quality optics and mount are well matched to each other.

Omegon 150mm EQ3 Reflector Telescope

Omegon 150mm EQ3 Reflector Telescope£319.00

The Omegon 150/750 EQ-3 Newtonian Reflector is an ideal telescope for beginners in astronomy. This telescope features good optics and a very stable mount.

Omegon 66mm ED APO Refractor OTA

Omegon 66mm ED APO Refractor OTA£359.00

This apochromatic refractor produces an especially colour-true and high-contrast image just right for more discerning observers and astrophotographers. The perfect travel scope!

Omegon Advanced 150mm EQ3 Parabolic Reflector Telescope

Omegon Advanced 150mm EQ3 Parabolic Reflector Telescope£409.00

The telescope for beginners who finally want to experience celestial objects for themselves with a clear view thanks to a parabolic mirror and sturdy mount & tripod


Page 1 of 1:    15 Items