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Bresser Mounts

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If you already own a BRESSER Astrophoto Mount (4964111) and you're searching for an extremely stable field tripod - you've found it.

ONLY £115.00

Bresser Polar Wedge Tripod

The BRESSER Messier beginners series of telescopes. Within this series you find smaller optics mounted stable on the new BRESSER EXOS 1 mount. This combination means more value for money and puts an end to flimsy beginners scopes which discourage most of the beginners due to small, under engineered mounts.

ONLY £231.00

Bresser Messier EXOS 1/EQ-4 Mount & Tripod

Do you already own a photo camera and would like to create impressive pictures of the night sky with the help of the long exposure or even make time-lapse pictures with little effort ? The BRESSER photo mount is the ideal base. Not only for beginners in astrophotography, this mount is particularly well suited, but also the experts swear by a compact and easy-to-use mount to automatically compensate for the natural rotation of the earth.

ONLY £265.00

Bresser Astrophoto Tracking Mount (No Tripod)

The BRESSER photo mount is designed for a camera with lens of max. 2.5 kg total weight to carry and track. Large aperture, wide-angle lenses are ideal for the beginning, because the requirements for tracking accuracy accumulate with increasing focal length and exposure time.

ONLY £310.00

Bresser Astrophoto Tracking Mount & Polar Wedge Tripod

The BRESSER EXOS 2 is a rugged mount with high rigidity and precision tracking for visual observation and astrophotography. The tripod is extremely rigid to suppress vibrations really well. This model is very well machined and has an illuminated polar finder scope and precise graduated circles.

ONLY £330.00

Bresser Messier EXOS 2/EQ-5 Mount & Tripod

The Bresser Messier Exos 2 Goto Mount is fully featured equatorial Goto mount, capable of carrying instruments in the 3-5-inch class (refractors) or 5-8-inch class (shorter focal length reflectors and catadioptrics).

ONLY £678.00

Bresser Messier EXOS-2 EQ GOTO Mount

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