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Shutter Release cables for use with Skywatcher Allview, Virtuoso and Star Adventurer mounts.

ONLY £7.50  -  £8.50

Skywatcher Electronic Shutter Release Cables For AllView, Virtuoso & Star Adventurer Mounts

Whether you’re doing planetary visual observing, planetary imaging, or deep sky imaging, the Bahtinov Mask is a great accessory to get the best focus for your telescope quickly and easily.

  (1)ONLY £10.50  -  £24.50

Starwave Bahtinov Masks

High quality webcam adaptor by RVO. This is a well made adaptor that screws into most universal webcams. Then you can use this in any 1.25" openeing.

ONLY £14.99

RVO Webcam Adaptor 1.25''

If you want to use the new Star Adventurer system with a small scope for astro work, you will need this 1kg counterweight with shaft. This fits straight into the star adventurer body and allow you to properly balance the system for more precise tracking.

ONLY £20.00

Skywatcher 1kg Counterweight & Shaft For Star Adventurer

A very handy, high quality x2 barlow lens which doubles up as a T adaptor for SLR astro imaging. Why buy 2 items when you can get both in 1 package!

ONLY £29.00

Celestron x2 Barlow Lens With T Adaptor 1.25''

Skywatchers new L bracket to go with their amazing new Star Adventurer mount. Allows you to mount your camera for time lapse photography and also used for astronomical imaging.

ONLY £29.00

Skywatcher Dovetail L Bracket For Star Adventurer

Color CCD cameras such as the Skyris color planetary cameras are very sensitive across the visual spectrum, as well as in infrared. Some telescopes may correct for chromatic aberration, but are not designed to correct for IR light, which can often look defocused in astroimages. Blocking infrared (IR) light provides the greatest color balance and sharpness in your astroimages. This filter blocks IR while passing more than 94% of the entire visual spectrum, maintaining color fidelity.

ONLY £32.00

Celestron Skyris IR Cut Filter

This is a high-quality Antares 1.25 25mm Plossl eyepiece with focusable crosshairs (single), perfect for alignment and tracking. To obtain razor-sharp focusing of the crosshairs, merely turn the upper part of the eyepiece.

  (2)ONLY £34.99

Antares 25mm Cross Hair Plossl Eyepiece 1.25''

Allows the use of compact cameras to look into the eyepiece of the scope.

ONLY £34.99

RVO Digiscope Bracket UDCA-SA

High quality made equatorial wedge to go with the new Skywatcher Star Adventurer for precise polar alignment and more accurate tracking.

ONLY £45.00

Skywatcher Equatorial Wedge For Star Adventurer

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Page 1 of 4:    36 Items