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RVO Horizon 60 ED Doublet Full Imaging Bundle With ZWO Guide & Imaging Camera Mounted On iOptron SkyGuider Pro

RVO Horizon 60 ED Doublet Full Imaging Bundle With ZWO Guide & Imaging Camera Mounted On iOptron SkyGuider Pro
RVO Horizon 60 ED Doublet Full Imaging Bundle With ZWO Guide & Imaging Camera Mounted On iOptron SkyGuider ProRVO Horizon 60 ED Doublet Full Imaging Bundle With ZWO Guide & Imaging Camera Mounted On iOptron SkyGuider ProRVO Horizon 60 ED Doublet Full Imaging Bundle With ZWO Guide & Imaging Camera Mounted On iOptron SkyGuider Pro
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Model:  RVOH60SGKIT1
Brand:  Rother Valley Optics

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We have bundled our brand new RVO Horizon 60 ED Doublet refractor with the popular iOptron SkyGuider Pro mount for ultra portability. The package also includes the ZWO ASI 120MM Mini camera for guiding, plus the ZWO ASI 183MC Pro cooled camera for imaging! All you need is a tripod with a 3/8" thread and you are ready to take widefield guided shots!

Click here to read the Sky At Night review on this superb telescope!

You can either have the kit on the standard SkyGuider or the iPolar version. Please select your package above. 

Horizon 60 ED Description:

Introducing the brand new RVO Horizon® 60 ED doublet imaging refractor. The smaller, more compact version of the incredibly popular Horizon® 72 ED. Portability and quality of optics are key with this superb new telescope. It keeps the stunning optical quality of the Horizon® 72 in a smaller, lighter and more portable body ideal for grab and go rigs with mounts such as the Skywatcher Star Adventurer and iOptron SkyGuider Pro.

The tube features superior FPL-53 specifically chosen by us to give the sharpest and most widefield images possible. The tube also features a high quality dual speed graduated CNC machined rack and pinion focuser with tension adjustment for ultra precision and hold thanks to the focus lock.

This listing is for the full imaging package which includes the RVO Horizon® 1.0x Field Flattener and the all new Horizon® 32mm Guidescope. The only other accessory you'll need to collect your SLR camera is a T mount. Please contact us for this as we sell a wide range of M48 T mounts to suit your camera.

Key Features:

- High Quality FPL-53 Doublet Optics
- CNC Machined 2" Rack & Pinion Focuser
- Graduated Drawtube
- Tension Adjustment For Heavier Cameras
- 2" - 1.25" Adaptor With Compression Rings
- Long Dovetail Bar For Easy Balancing
- Retractable Dew Shield
- Finder Base For Attaching The Horizon® 32mm Mini Guidescope
- Only 1.78Kg Weight, Ideal For Small Tracking Mounts
- Hard Travel Case
- Rotatable Locking Main Collar

With the Horizon® range, quality control is very important to us. We are committed to guaranteeing that every single Horizon® scope leaves us in perfect collimation and in perfect condition. Every single Horizon® scope sold is thoroughly checked even down to each thumb screw on the scope to make sure all is well before shipping.

In house Zygo Interferometer test included with the Horizon 60mm. 


The interferometer is essentially a measuring instrument. Within the interferometer is a calibrated laser that is pointed through the optical test surface, then onto a high quality reference sphere, then back through the test subject then to an internal camera which gives us the measurement on the screen. From this, we can adjust the position of the test optic and the reference sphere to obtain a perfectly calibrated system. The more central the laser to the test optic and then on return, the better and more accurate reading and measurement we can take. This takes a lot of adjustment to get the best results from the optical surface.Once the measurement has been taken, we are provided with a series of results that show the optical quality of the surface plus other information. We will aim to provide 0.95 Strehl or higher. 

The 60mm ED also features a CAA (camera angle adjuster). This means you can rotate your camera to get the perfect orientation without having to rotate the complete telescope. This will improve accuracy when switching between visual and imaging and vice versa. The focuser is made from CNC machining ensuring high quality and robustness whilst keeping the precision, ideal for the astrophotographer. The focuser on the Horizon® 60 is compatible with a lot of popular motorfocusers including the Pegasus. The focuser also features a 10:1 fine focus knob enabling you to get the perfect focus, every time.

The main purpose of the Horizon® 60 is for widefield astrophotography. The focal length of just 360mm will provide a massive field of view with superb colour correction and sharpness thanks to the high quality doublet glass. If you are imaging very widefield targets, then there is also a matching 1.0x Horizon® 60 Flattener to ensure a completely flat field edge to edge. A full range of adaptors is available to get your camera perfectly spaced. The CAA can be left on to provide full rotation when the flattener is fitted.

If you want to use this scope for visual, then you will need some accessories to go with it. We recommend a high quality 2" diagonal, finder and some eyepieces to get you going. If you are wanting to use this scope for visual work too, then please contact us and we can put a package together. Why not take advantage of the tack sharp optics for some breath taking widefield views of the stars!

One of the nice features of the 60mm ED is that we have designed the kit to make it usable straight out the box. We have attached a longer bar so you will can achieve a perfect balance every time, as well as a synta style finderscope base. This will accept most standard finders as well as our all new RVO 32mm Horizon® Guidescope.

The scope comes complete in a high quality hard travel case. There are additional cut outs in the foam within the case to accept the 32mm Horizon® Guidescope too so you can comfortably house this in your case for safe travel and storage.

The Horizon® 60 is available as either an OTA only or a full imaging package paired with the Horizon® 60 1.0x Flattener and the all new 32mm Horizon® Mini Guidescope. Click here for the OTA only on our website.


Lens Assembly: 60mm FPL-53 Doublet ED
Focal Length: 360mm
Focal Ratio: f/6
Tube Length: 245mm Retracted, 295mm Extended
Weight: 1.78kg Standard Package
Full Kit Weight Inc Guidescope & Flattener: 1.94kg

iOptron SkyGuider Pro Description:

Introducing The SkyGuider Pro -- iOptron’s next generation camera tracking device! Leading the camera tracker market for nearly four years, iOptron's SkyGuider Pro pushes closer to perfection.

The redesigned SkyGuider Pro mount head is more compact, small enough to fit on your palm, better precision, silent tracking, built-in rechargeable power source, ST-4 guiding port and camera trigger port. The improved precision polar scope maintains a fine engraved reticule, now features adjustable illumination with different brightness levels. Using with our iOS app, quick and accurate polar alignment is just a joy. The DEC mounting bracket allows you to balance a heavy camera and/or lens better, or even mount a light telescope. The optional 8408 hand controller allows you to check the Pole Star position for the polar alignment, slew the mount, adjust the guiding rate, change the mount settings and control the camera trigger.

The SkyGuider Pro features four tracking rates, 1X or sidereal, 1/2X for sky and landscape combined, solar and lunar. All 4 tracking rates work in both northern and southern hemispheres. We have also added a quick slew mode with both forward and reverse to help quickly reframing your image without disrupting the cameras position.

We have made big improvements on the SkyGuider Pro’s removable alt-azimuth base, which features a precision bubble level, degree markings for the altitude and a built in post for the azimuth control. You can also mount the SkyGuider Pro head (without the base) directly to any standard photographic tripod with 1/4” or 3/8” threads.

The DEC mounting bracket package, which includes DEC mounting bracket, counterweight shaft, counterweight and Vixen-type dovetail saddle, makes the SkyGuider Pro mount suitable for a heavier camera/lens system, even a lightweight telescope.

The SkyGuider Pro is certainly a must have tool for any photographer interested in astroscape or wide field astrophotography.

All metal mechanical structure
Attaches to a camera tripod with 3/8” or 1/4” threads
Payload 11 lbs (5kg) (balanced, with DEC mounting bracket, exclude CW)
Silent tracking for smooth camera motion, perfect for long-term exposures
Detachable alt-azi base with fine latitude and azimuth adjusters for easy polar alignment
Includes iOptron AccuAlignTM dark-field illuminated polar scope
Adjustable polar scope illumination
4 tracking speed (1X, 1/2X, solar and lunar). 1X celestial tracking for imaging the sky and stars; 1/2X tracking speed for imaging both the starry night and the landscapes at the same time
Operation in both northern and southern hemisphere
Quick slew (144X) for camera framing adjustment
Built-in rechargeable battery for up to 20 hours of operation (20°C)
Built-in ST-4 autoguiding port
HBX port for external hand controller
Micro USB port for power, charging and firmware upgrade
Built-in shutter triggering port
Padded carry bag included
DEC mounting bracket
Counterweight and CW shaft
Vixen dovetail saddle for scope mounting
Optional ball heads available separately (#3305A)
Optional tripod (#3221)
Optional Go2Nova® 8408 hand controller (#8408)
Optional DSLR camera shutter trigger cable

SkyGuiderTM Pro camera mount
Alt-azi base (installed)
AccuAlignTM dark field illuminated polar scope (installed)
Micro USB charging cable
Padded carry bag
DEC mounting bracket w/ camera mounting disk
1.35kg counterweight
CW shaft
One Year Limited Warranty (90 day on battery)

ZWO 120MM Mini Description:

The NEW ZWO ASI120MM MINI or ASI120MINI is an excellent choice for an affordable planetary and deep sky camera for those who have just started in astro photography, but cannot spend a fortune on a specialist astro photography camera or want to replace a modified webcam or a cheaper planetary imager. It replaces the extremely popular ASI120MM, but offers wider compatibility with various guiding solutions, guidescopes and off axis guiders as it comes in a more compact, 1.25" format body.

It also comes with an AUTOGUIDER PORT so you may use it for planetary imaging or when you take images of deep sky with another camera (a dSLR or a cooled ZWO) you may use this camera for guiding!

With the ZWO ASI120MM MINI camera you can achieve better results than with those beginner cameras. We are not saying that anything is wrong with those cameras like the TSSI, Scopiumcam or some converted webcams, but this is just simply better for a still affordable price.

According to customer feedback, these cameras worth every penny invested.
Mostly used for planetary imaging, it can also be used for deep sky imaging up to a certain level. This monochrome version is recommended for L-RGB or narrow band deep sky photography if you want to get out the best data from your camera and achieve sharp, contrasty deep sky images or planetary images, although you might also consider the USB3.0 version of the ASI120MM, the ASI120MM-S, that is slightly more expensive, but offers higher frame rates.

However if you don't want the hassle of using filters and stacking LRGB images into a colour image or cannot spend much time and happy to go for a compromise, simply choose the colour version, the ZWO ASI120MC-S.
With this monochrome version, you might also need a filter wheel and a set of L-RGB filters or H-alpha and OIII filters, and maybe even H-beta and SII filters as well for narrow band astro photography...) or you can use it just as it is as a very affordable guide camera.

Features of the ZWO ASI120MM Mini
Recommended for guiding and imaging the Sun, Moon and some deep sky objects.
(To image the Sun you'll have to use a proper front solar filter or Herschel wedge depending on your telescope. Please contact us if not sure! For imaging deep sky, you should also consider buying a filter wheel, LRGB and narrow band filters as well.)
Resolution: 1280X960 at up to 30fps
Long time exposure up to 1000s! (although depending on the focal ratio of your telescope and whether you use another camera for guiding or not, you might need to limit it to a much shorter time...please ask.)

Autoguider Port
Built-in RAW mode and Grey mode output support. Only about 30% storage space required compared to the Color data format!
Peak Quantum Efficiency: 75% (better than ICX618)
No fixed pattern noise (FPN)!
Full aluminum housing with standard 1.25" interface
M28.5 internal thread.

SOLAR IMAGING Please note, this camera features a Micron branded chip and thus it might produce Newton's rings (an interference pattern in imaging) when used with H-alpha solar telescopes. ZWO ASI CMOS cameras with a Sony chip or Celestron Skyris or Moravian Instruments G0 and G1 CCD cameras might be a better choice for solar imaging. From the ZWO range we'd recommend the ASI174MM or ASI174Mini for solar imaging. Never-the-less, there are quite a few customers who use an ASI120MM camera successfully for solar imaging.

Specification of ZWO ASI120MM

Sensor: 1/3″ CMOS AR0130CS(Mono)
Resolution: 1.2Mega Pixels 1280×960
Pixel Size: 3.75µm
Exposure Range: 64µs-1000s
ROI: Supported
ST4 Guider Port: Yes
Focus Distance to Sensor: 8.5mm
Shutter Type: Rolling Shutter
Protect window: AR coated window
Operating System Compatibility: Mac, Windows, Linux
Interface: USB2.0
Bit rate: 12bit output(12bit ADC)
Adaptor:1.25″ / M28.5X0.6
Dimension: φ36mm X 61mm
Weight: 60g or 3.1 ounces (without lens)
Working Temperature: -5°C—45°C
Storage Temperature: -20°C—60°C
Working Relative Humidity: 20%—80%
Storage Relative Humidity: 20%—95%
Supported resolution

Binning 1×1:


Binning 2×2:

More resolutions can be user defined


ASI120MM Mini monochrome camera
ST4 cable
USB cable
1.25" nosepiece with male T-thread
1.25" end cap for above nosepiece
CD (with instructions, drivers and software, although we recommend to download the latest versions online)

ZWO 183MC Pro Description:

The new ZWO ASI183 has lots of astro photo potential with its 84% QE peak, 20.18Mega pixels resolution, 15000e full well, 1.6e read noise, 19FPS at full resolution. Each feature means a new posibility!

Although comes with some similar features, don't be confused, this is not to replace the already well established ASI1600 series; read the below article to get a better understanding of its main area of "expertise" and see if it is the ASI183 or ASI1600 that would fit your telescope setup better. Shortly, this camera would very well fit small, fast ED doublet or triplet apochromats, achromates and small, fast Newtonian telescopes.

(fast means small number in the focal ratio, i.e. f/4, f/5, so that exposure times can be much shorter than with an f/8 or f/10 instrument, hence it's called fast)

Diagonal size 15.86 mm, approx. 20.48M effective Pixel count (available with Monochrome or Color CMOS Image Sensor)

High-Speed and High-Picture-Quality Rolling Shutter-Type Back-Illuminated CMOS Image Sensors
In the astronomic application field, the Sony IMX183CLK-J (monochrome) and IMX183CQJ-J (color) sensors use a very high sensitivity back-illuminated structure with high resolution 2.4 μm square unit pixel.

The optical size is 1 inch. (don't worry about this if you don't know what it's a historic figure, the main thing to know is that the diagonal size is 15.86mm)

DDR Memory Buffer
The ASI183 Pro camera includes a 256MB DDR3 memory buffer to help improve data transfer reliability. Additionally, the use of a memory buffer minimizes amp-glow, which is caused by the slow transfer speeds when the camera is used with a USB 2.0 port.

In addition to few minor mechanical differences, the DDR memory buffer is the main difference between ASI “Cool” and “Pro” cameras.

Astrophotography Performance
The ASI183 cameras has a very large full well capacity(15000e) for such small pixel size, 1.6e read noise @ 30dB and 12stops dynamic range @ Gain=0.

The ASI183 cameras also utilize firmware features to minimize amplifier glow for maximum performance in astrophotography.

Reliable Mechanics
ASI183 Pro has same mechanical construction as the ASI1600 PRO. There are four screws that seal the sensor chamber. Our camera design has been extensively tested and is very reliable.

Even when used in high humidity environments, the ASI183 PRO will still work fine without dewing up problems.

High Speed
Fast FPS can be used in solar and lunar imaging, as well as for live viewing/EAA.The high speed readout may also be used for real-time focusing, true lucky imaging of double stars and other small objects, planetary imaging of the major planets in the solar system, and much more.

10Bit ADC
5496×3672 19fps
3840×2160 41.04fps
1920×1080 80.10fps
1280×720 117.30fps
12bit ADC
5496×3672 19fps
3840×2160 36.12fps
1920×1080 70.48fps
1280×720 103.23fps

High Quantum Efficiency
Sony’s back-illuminated Exmor R technology, giving it excellent Deep Sky performance. ASI183 QE peak reaches a remarkable 84%. In Ha channel, QE is still over 60%.

Having high QE means more of the light that enters your telescope and reaches the sensor is actually used. With 84% peak Q.E. and no less than ~50% within the visible spectrum, the ASI183 will utilize a high percentage of the light that reaches it, improving your signal quality.

USB 3.0 Port & USB2.0 HUB
USB 3.0 Port: Provide 5Gb bandwidth to make it possible for ASI183 Pro to run at 19 fps (12bit, normal mode) or 19 fps (10bit, high speed mode) at full resolution(20.18Mega).

Recommended cooler power supply: 12V @ 3-5A (or more) DC adapter (2.1×5.5mm, center pole positive). Also suitable: DC battery with 9-15V.

Using a battery with 9-15V is also suitable for the cooler power supply.

USB 2.0 HUB: can connect with various accessories, such as filter wheel, guide camera and electronic focuser, so you can better manage your cables. The ASI183 Pro includes two short 0.5m USB 2.0 cables. The integrated USB 2.0 hub is powered by the external power source if you connect one.

Drivers and Software:
You can find the latest camera drivers and links to many DSO and Planetary capture software on the manufacturer's website. Please make sure the most up-to-date driver and software has been installed before you start shooting:

Example Images - Taken by Alex Dean With Our Horizon 60 ED!

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